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3000 Business and Noninstructional Operations

 3000 Business and Noninstructional Operations

Policy NumberTypeTitle
3000BPConcepts and Roles
3110BPBudget Amendments
3110ARBudget Amendments
3230BPFederal Grant Funds
3230ARFederal Grant Funds
3250BPAccounts Receivable Write Off Policy
3250ARAccounts Receivable Write Off Policy
3260BPFees And Charges
3260ARFees And Charges
3270BPSale And Disposal Of Books, Equipment And Supplies (Personal Property)
3270ARSale And Disposal Of Books, Equipment And Supplies (Personal Property)
3280BPSale, Lease, Rental Of District-Owned Real Property
3290BPGifts, Grants And Bequests
3290ARGifts, Grants And Bequests
3310BPPurchasing Procedures
3310ARPurchasing Procedures
3310.3ARPerishables and Seasonal Commodities
3311 EBids
3312.2BPEducational Travel Program Contracts
3312.2AREducational Travel Program Contracts
3313BPPurchasing Guides
3313.4ARAccess to Teachers
3314.1BPReimbursement Fund
3314.1ARReimbursement Fund
3314.2BPDistrict Revolving Fund
3315BPRelations with Vendors
3315ARRelations with Vendors
3320BPClaims And Actions Against The District
3320ARClaims And Actions Against The District
3320 EClaims And Actions Against The District
3321BPRequesting Goods & Services (Requisitions)
3322BPRequesting Goods & Services (Specifications)
3323BPRequesting Goods & Services (Bids And Quotations)
3323ARRequesting Goods & Services (Bids And Quotations)
3323.1ARApproval Process For Service Providers
3324.1BPContracts - Non-Discrimination
3324.1ARContracts - Non-Discrimination
3400BPManagement Of District Assets/Accounts
3400ARManagement Of District Assets/Accounts
3400.1BPAudit Committee
3400.2BPInternal Audit
3450BPMoney in School Buildings
3450ARDepositing Money
3451ARSchool Site Bank Account
3452BPStudent Activity Funds
3452ARStudent Activity Funds
3460BPFinancial Reports And Accountability
3460ARFinancial Reports And Accountability
3470BPDebt Issuance and Management
3511BPEnergy And Water Conservation
3511AREnergy And Water Conservation
3511.1BPIntergrated Waste Management
3511.1ARIntergrated Waste Management
3512 EEquipment
3514BPEnvironmental Safety
3514AREnvironmental Safety
3514.1BPHazardous Substances
3514.1ARHazardous Substances
3514.2ARIntergrated Pest Management
3515BPSchool Safety And Security
3515ARSchool Safety And Security
3515.1ARCrime Data Reporting
3515.4BPRecovery For Property Loss Or Damage
3515.5BPSex Offender Information
3515.5ARSex Offender Notification
3516BPEmergencies And Disaster Preparedness Plan
3516AREmergencies And Disaster Preparedness Plan
3516.1BPIntegrated Pest Management Policy Statement
3516.1ARIntegrated Pest Management Policy Statement
3516.3AREarthquake Emergency Procedure System
3517BPFacilities Inspection
3530BPInsurance Management
3530ARInsurance Management
3541BPTransportation Routes And Services
3541ARTransportation Routes And Services
3541.1BPSchool-Related Trips
3541.2BPTransportation For Students With Disabilities Or Handicaps
3541.4BPTransportation for Outside Groups
3541.5BPAlternative Transportation Arrangements
3542BPRoles And Duties Of Employees
3543BPTransportation: Emergency And Safety Procedures
3551BPFood Service Operations/Cafeteria Fund
3553BPFree And Reduced Price Meals
3553ARFree And Reduced Price Meals
3580BPDistrict Records
3580ARDistrict Records
3581ARElectronic Records
3600BPConsultants/Independent Contractors
3600ARConsultants/Independent Contractors
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