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Fresno Unified Education Center in downtown Fresno

​​​​​​​​​This is a list of public websites and org charts for departments. View the district org chart. Visit the staff portal to see staff websites.

Department WebsitePhoneOrg Chart
Business and Financial Services Division(559) 457-6226Business and Financial Services Division Org Chart
Adult Education (Cesar Chavez)(559) 457-6000
African American Academic Acceleration (A4)(559) 457-3728African American Academic Acceleration (A4) Org Chart
After School Programs(559) 248-7560
Athletics(559) 457-3655
Attendance / SARB(559) 457-3351
Behavioral Intervention(559) 457-6056
Benefits (Staff Site)(559) 457-3520Benefits Org Chart
Board of Education(559) 457-3727Board Office / Chief of Staff Org Chart
Board Policies(559) 457-3736
Campus Culture(559) 457-3674
Charter Office(559) 457-3923
College and Career Readiness(559) 248-7465
Communications(559) 457-3733Communications Org Chart
Constituent Services / Ombudsperson(559) 457-3736
Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning(559) 457-3496
Early Learning(559) 457-3682Equity & Access / Early Learning Org Chart
English Learner Services(559) 457-3928English  Learner Services Org Chart 2021
Equity and Access(559) 457-3895Equity & Access / Early Learning Org Chart
Extended Learning(559) 248-7560
Facilities Management & Planning(559) 457-3074
Fiscal Services(559) 457-3534Fiscal Services Org Chart
Food Services(559) 457-6250
Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)(559) 457-6073
Grants Office(559) 457-3186
Health Services(559) 457-3294
History/Social Studies(559) 457-6224
Home and Hospital Instruction(559) 457-3359
Human Element(559) 457-3674
Human Resources(559) 457-3500Human Resources Org Chart
Information Technology(559) 457-2600Information Technology Org Chart
Instructional Division(559) 457-3731Instructional Division Org Chart
Language Arts(559) 457-6224
Leadership Development(559) 457-3656
Mathematics(559) 457-6224
Mentoring & Alliance(559) 457-3369
Migrant Education(559) 457-3984
Operational Services(559) 457-3134
Parent University(559) 457-3390
Physical Education(559) 248-7181
Prevention and Intervention(559) 457-3340Prevention and Intervention Org Chart
Project ACCESS(559) 457-3359
Purchasing(559) 457-3588
Restorative Practices(559) 457-3357
Safety and Security(559) 457-3980
School Climate(559) 457-6058
School Leadership(559) 457-3753School Leadership Org Chart
Science(559) 457-3496
Special Education(559) 457-3220Special Education Org Chart
State and Federal Programs(559) 457-3934State & Federal Programs Org Chart
Student Discipline(559) 457-3348
Student Support Services(559) 457-3360
Student Transcripts and Records(559) 457-3362
Summer School(559) 248-7560
Superintendent's Office(559) 457-3882Superintendent's Office Org Chart
Transfers Office(559) 248-7538
Transportation(559) 457-3138
Visual and Performing Arts(559) 248-7172
World Languages(559) 457-3496
Teacher Development(559) 457-6072​Teacher Development Org Chart

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