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Fresno Unified Education Center in downtown Fresno

​​​​​​​​​This is a list of public websites and organizational charts for departments.
Visit the staff portal to see staff websites.

Department WebsitePhoneOrg Chart
Business and Financial Services Division(559) 457-6226Business and Financial Services Org Chart
Adult Education (Cesar Chavez)(559) 457-6000
African American Academic Acceleration (A4)(559) 457-3728Engagement & External Partnerships Org Chart
After School Programs(559) 248-7560
Athletics(559) 457-3655
Attendance / SARB(559) 457-3351
Behavioral Intervention(559) 457-6056
Benefits Site(559) 457-3520Benefits Org Chart
Board of Education(559) 457-3727Board Office / Chief of Staff Org Chart
Board Policies(559) 457-3736
Campus Culture(559) 457-3674
Charter Office(559) 457-3923
College and Career Readiness(559) 248-7465College and Career Readiness Org Chart
Communications(559) 457-3733Communications and Parent University Org Chart
Constituent Services / Ombudsperson(559) 457-3736
Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning(559) 457-3554Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning Org Chart
Early Learning(559) 457-3416Early Learning / Equity & Access Org Chart
English Learner Services(559) 457-3928English Learner Services Org Chart 2021-22
Equity and Access(559) 457-3895Equity & Access / Early Learning Org Chart
Extended Learning(559) 248-7560
Facilities Management & Planning(559) 457-3074
Fiscal Services(559) 457-3534Fiscal Services Org Chart
Nutrition Services(559) 457-6250
Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)(559) 457-6073
Grants Office(559) 457-3186
Health Services(559) 457-3301
History/Social Studies(559) 457-3935
Home and Hospital Instruction(559) 457-3359
Human Element(559) 457-3674
Human Resources(559) 457-3500Human Resources Org Chart
Information Technology(559) 457-2600Information Technology Org Chart
Instructional Division(559) 457-3731Instructional Division Org Chart
English Language Arts(559) 457-3496
Leadership Development(559) 457-3656
Mathematics(559) 457-3874
Mentoring & Alliance(559) 457-3369
Migrant Education(559) 457-3984
Operational Services(559) 457-3134Operational Services Org Chart
Parent University(559) 457-3390Communications and Parent University Org Chart
Physical Education(559) 248-7181
Prevention and Intervention(559) 457-3340Prevention and Intervention Org Chart
Project ACCESS(559) 457-3359
Purchasing(559) 457-3588
Restorative Practices(559) 457-3357
Safety and Security(559) 457-3980
School Climate(559) 457-6058
School Leadership(559) 457-3753School Leadership Org Chart
Science(559) 457-3935
Special Education(559) 457-3220Special Education Org Chart
State and Federal Programs(559) 457-3934State & Federal Programs Org Chart
Student Discipline(559) 457-3348
Student Support Services(559) 457-3942
Student Transcripts and Records(559) 457-3362
Summer School(559) 248-7560
Superintendent's Office(559) 457-3882
Transfers Office(559) 248-7538
Transportation(559) 457-3138
Arts Education(559) 248-7172
World Languages(559) 457-3496
Teacher Development(559) 457-6072​Teacher Development Org Chart
American Indian Education(559) 457-3949
Payroll(559) 457-3514
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)(559) 457-3895

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