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108 N. Poplar Ave., Fresno, CA 93701

Phone: (559) 457-3988

Zuleica Murillo-Fry, Executive Director


The adoption of the district’s family goal aligns with the district’s continued priority on language supports for families and staff. The district values and respects the language, culture, and needs of all students, families, and staff and strives to enhance two-way communication through on-demand language facilitation. With the establishment of the Translation and Interpretation Services Department, the district can provide on-demand oral interpretation services and written translation of district documents. 


Provide consistent access to language support for students, families and staff districtwide.  


Fresno Unified School District is a multicultural, multilingual student and staff environment. The district strives to enhance culturally proficient communication for families by creating an environment where families and staff can communicate at any given time.  

In addition to providing direct language support to families districtwide, the Translation and Interpretation Services Department is committed to developing site-based, family support staff trained to ensure schools can meet the day-to-day student, staff, and family language needs.  

Family Connect Language Line

Parents and staff, need immediate language support at your site? Our department can connect you to over 100 languages through our Family Connect Language Line.  

Dial us directly at: (559) 457-3988 to connect you to any language  

Oral Interpreter Request

Submit an oral interpreter request (e.g., initial IEP, parent/teacher conferences, SST, parent meeting, 504, etc.)  

Oral Interpreter Request

Written Translation Request

We support an array of district and school site written translations upon request (i.e., parent letters, district documents, School Messenger/Parent Square scripts, etc.)  

Submit a district-written translation request by clicking the link below:

Written Translation Request

Individualized Education Program (IEP) Translation Requests

Per 5 CCR § 3040(a), every parent has a right to a copy of their child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) and/ or related documents in their primary language upon request. Upload the affirmed and attested IEP in section (number); we will process your request from the date of receipt.  

Please note: The Translation and Interpretation Services Department is not an extension of the Special Education Department; we do not have access to SEIS or any SPED tools. Any additional requirements implemented by the Special Education Department and staff must be followed up with SPED directly.

IEP Translation Request

You may contact us directly via email at FamilyConnect@fresnounified.org for any additional questions. 

District Translator Resources

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