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Bus Schedules

- The safety of school bus passengers is the most important part of school bus operation.​​​​
- Passengers' behavior can directly affect their safety and the safety of others.
- For riders not following bus conduct (at right) see the consequences below.*



Route #72

Ashlan & Marks
Arrival at Wawona


​Route #64

Arrival at Wawona







7:54 a.m.
7:57 a.m.
8:05 a.m.



7:56 a.m.
8:05 a.m.






Route #3

Leave Wawona
Ashlan & Marks


Route #64

Leave Wawona


Route #68

Leave Wawona
Ashlan & Marks



3:04 p.m.
3:12 p.m.
3:14 p.m.



3:04 p.m.
3:13 p.m.



4:25 p.m.
4:36 p.m.
4:38 p.m.

The following conduct is a violation of District Bus Regulations:
a) Standing or leaving a seat while the vus is in motion.
b) Tampering with bus equipment.
c) Obstructing the aisle with legs, feet, or other objects.
d) Not sitting facing the front of the bus.
e) Putting any art of the body outside the window.
f) Using vulgar or profane language or gestures.
g) Smoking or lighting matches on the bus.
h) Eating or drinking on the bu.
i) Neglecting to cross street in front of bus under driver's supervision
j) Have dangerous objects, glass, weapons, itc., on the bus.
k) Being defiant or uncooperative with the bus driver.
l) Fighting or abusive body contact on the bus.
m) Damage or defacing the bus.
n) Making unnecessary noise or commotion whistling, or calling to people from the bus.
o) Giving improper identification when requested by driver.
p) Throwing objects from the bus window.
q) Possession, use, or sale of a controlled substance.
r) Any action that is determined by the bus driver to be dangerous to passenger, his/herself, or the public.

When the rider is guilty of misconduct, he/she will be reported to the principal and:
a) The rider and his/her parent/guardian will be given notice and warning.
b) The rider will be denied transportation services for 5 days.
c) The rider will be denied transportation services for 10 days.
d) The rider will be denied transportation services for the remainder of the year.

Students who ride buses to/from school MUST ride the school buses, not the city buses unless other arrangements are made by the parents with the principal.

While waiting at bus stops, students are reminded to be respectful to other peoples' property, courteous to people in the community and avoid loud arguing, righting or pushing with other students.

Thank you for your cooperation.  Should you have any questions, please call Wawana (248-7310) or District Transportation (457-3138).

Revised 9.14.2015 

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