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Dress Code

Dress Code

Cooper Academy follows the FUSD dress code with additions listed in the Cooper Acadmey Standard of Dress document.  Please read the document for clarification regarding our standard of dress.  If you have questions, please contact Cooper Academy.

Cooper Academy Standard of Dress.docx

FUSD Dress Code

Students AR 5132 (a)Cooper Academy Student Standard of Dress.docx

Dress And Grooming

Fresno Unified School District is striving to become an exemplary district. Our goal is to provide

a safe learning environment that inspires our students with the passion, power and skills to make

positive life choices becoming architects of their future. To accomplish this a differentiation

between the school learning environment and other social activities must be established. The

guidelines for school attire for students meet this purpose. The District Standard Dress Attire policy

applies to both sexes on school campuses and at school-sponsored functions and will be enforced

consistently and fairly by all members of the school staff.

Each school site, in concurrence with the school site council, may develop additional guidelines

stricter than the district's minimum Standard Dress Attire policy and these regulations. These local

rules shall not permit items prohibited herein. Schools are responsible for notifying the students and

parents/guardians in a timely manner of their supplemental Standard Dress Attire policy.

Educationally Appropriate Dress and Grooming

Any apparel, hair style, cosmetic or jewelry, even if not specifically mentioned below, which creates

a safety concern, draws undue attention to the wearer, or tends to detract from the educational

process is prohibited unless addressed elsewhere in this regulation.

Additionally, the following items are specifically prohibited:

1. Head wear, other than hats or caps, will not be allowed at school. Hats and/or caps must be

removed in the classrooms or offices and worn in the appropriate manner.

2. Sunglasses are not to be worn in the classrooms, offices, or other school facilities (unless

prescribed by a physician).

3. Shoes must be worn on campus and at school functions. Sandals must have heel straps. Thongs,

flip-flops or backless shoes or sandals are not acceptable.

4. Underwear-type sleeveless shirts, tube tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, and sagging or

bagging pants, pants that do not fit the waist, or radically altered or frayed clothing are not


5. Any see-through clothing, clothing that reveals a bare midriff or chest, or clothes that expose

the body in a sexually suggestive manner shall not be worn.

6. Dresses, skirts, and shorts are acceptable as long as they are extended no more than four (4")

above the knee. Shorts are to be hemmed and not form fitting. Sports wear type shorts, bike

shorts(spandex) gym shorts, and frayed shorts are unacceptable.

7. Attire which may be used as a weapon may not be worn, including but not limited to steel toed

boots, chains, items with spikes or studs, and other items deeded inappropriate by the principal

and/or school site council.

8. Fashions that draw undue attention to the wearer detract from the educational environment and

are not acceptable. This includes exotic clothing, extreme make-up, body piercing, military or

camouflage attire, etc.

9. Body piercing (eyebrows, nose, lips, tongue, navel) is not acceptable.

10. Hair styles which draw undue attention detract from the educational environment and not

acceptable; i.e. unusual designs, colors, mohawks, tails, or unusual razor cuts.

The principal, staff, students and parent/guardians at each school may establish reasonable dress and

Students AR 5132 (b)

Dress And Grooming

grooming regulations for times when students are engaged in extracurricular or other special school


Consequences of Dress and Grooming Code Violations

1. Standard Violations. Persistent violations of this regulation or locally adopted supplemental

regulations shall be considered to be willful defiance of directives under Education Code

section 48900(k). As such for multiple violations, students will be subject to discipline as


a. First Violation: Home contact and the violator will be required to change clothing, hair style

or cosmetic.

b. Second Violation: Home contact and alternative to suspension or suspension if student

refuses alternative.

c. Third Violation: Home contact and suspension.

d. Fourth Violation: Further disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion, is the discretion

of the District as permitted by state law and/or district policy/ regulation.

If a parent/guardian or student disagrees with the site administrator's decision on a standard

violation, the parent/guardian or student shall attempt to resolve the problem by requesting a

personal conference with the site administrator. If the problem cannot be resolved informally to the

parent/guardian or student's satisfaction, the site administrator's decision may be appealed to the

Superintendent's designee, whose decision shall be final.

1. Dangerous or Disruptive Violations. Dress or grooming violations that cause actual disruption

of the educational environment, result in actual violation of law or other school rules, including

hate-crime laws, or cause actual injury may result, is the discretion of the District

Administration, in more serious disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion without

regard to the steps set forth above for standard violations. The process for appeal of these

dangerous or disruptive violations shall be consistent with standard District disciplinary


2. Principal Options. Principals have discretion to disallow the wearing of all shorts school-wide

because of frequent student violations of this regulation.

3. Physical Education Grades. No grade of a student participating in a physical education class

shall be adversely affected due to the fact that the student does not wear standardized physical

education apparel where the failure to wear such apparel arises from circumstances beyond the

student's control. (Education Code 49066.) (cf. 5121 - Grades/Evaluation of Student


Sun Protective Clothing

Each school site shall allow for outdoor use during the school day, articles of sun-protective

clothing, including, but not limited to, hats, provided that sun-protective clothing does not otherwise

violate this regulation. Each school site may set a policy related to the type of sun-protective

clothing, including, but not limited to, hats, that pupils will be allowed to use outdoors, if that policy

Students AR 5132 (c)

Dress And Grooming

is stricter than this regulation. Specific clothing and hats determined by the school district or school

site to be gang-related or inappropriate apparel may be prohibited by the school site’s dress code


Exception to Regulations

Generally, these neutral dress and grooming rules will be generally applied to all students without

regard to personal circumstances. However, religious beliefs, medical requirements or other

reasons may be grounds for an exception to a specific portion of the District Standard Dress Attire

policy with specific advance approval from the District. A petition for an exemption from

enforcement of a specified portion of District Standard Dress Attire policy may be submitted to the


Under no circumstances will the principal allow an exception for dress or grooming that displays

gang symbols, uses profanity, displays products or slogans that promote tobacco, alcohol, drugs or

sex, materially interferes with school work, materially disrupts the school environment,

substantially disrupts the school environment or which creates a risk of safety.

Clothing With Writing, Symbols, Pictures and Insignia

Articles of clothing, jewelry or personal effects (backpacks, fanny packs, gym bags, buttons, water

bottles etc.) are not allowed if those items contain writing, symbols, pictures or insignia that:

1. Display gang-related symbols as set forth below;

2. Use profanity;

3. Display products or slogans which promote tobacco, alcohol, drugs or sex;

4. Substantially disrupt the educational process;

5. Are obscene, libelous or slanderous;

6. Create a clear and present danger of commission of unlawful acts, violation of school

regulations, or injury to students, staff or community;

7. Violate state hate-crime laws.

With regard to this section, school site personnel do not have the discretion to create stricter dress

and grooming standards at the school site, and personnel do not have the discretion to create

exceptions to these requirements.

Gang-Related Apparel

Gang-related apparel is not acceptable. If Individual schools that have a dress code prohibiting

gang-related apparel at school or school activities, the principal, staff and parents/guardians

participating in the development of the school safety plan shall define "gang-related apparel" and

shall limit this definition to apparel that reasonably could be determined to threaten the health and

safety of the school environment if it were worn or displayed on a school campus. (Education Code


Because gang-related symbols are constantly changing, definitions of gang related apparel shall be

reviewed at least once each semester and updated whenever related information is received.

Students AR 5132 (d)

Dress And Grooming

Regulation Adopted July 8, 1993 Fresno Unified School District

revised: February 22, 1996 Fresno, California

revised: September 10, 1997

reviewed: May 18, 2001

revised: July 16, 2003

Principals will collaborate with Law Enforcement Agencies to update changes in gang-relatedCooper Academy Student Standard of Dress.docx

apparel at the beginning of each semester or as often as needed.


In schools where a school-wide uniform is required, the principal, staff, and parents/guardians of

the individual school shall jointly select the specific uniform, and uniform combinations to be worn.

(Education Code 35183.) The principal or designee shall give parents/guardians at least six months

notice before a school uniform policy is implemented. (Education Code 35183)

Parents/guardians shall be informed of their right to have their child exempted from a school

uniform policy. A student exempted from participation in a school uniform policy by his/her

parents/guardians must comply with this regulation and any supplemental dress attire policies

adopted at the site level.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish criteria for determining student eligibility for

financial assistance when purchasing uniforms.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish a method for recycling or exchanging uniforms as

students outgrow them.

Students who participate in a nationally recognized youth organization shall be allowed to wear

organization uniforms on days when the organization has a scheduled meeting. (Education Code


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