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Dress Code


Bullard High School has adopted the following Dress Code Policy; it will be strictly enforced at school and for all school-related activities, both on and off campus (reasonable dress regulations for special school activities can be made by the Principal). The basic standard is one that adheres to "good taste." Because reasonable people can disagree over what constitutes "good taste," the below listed clothing items and dress styles are prohibited:

Student Identification

Every Bullard High School student must carry a valid B.H.S. Student I.D. Card that is made available to a school official when on campus.  Students must carry a valid B.H.S. Student I.D. Card at all school functions.

General Apparel

  1. No flip-flops or backless shoes of any kind. Sandals must have heel straps.
  2. ONLY Bullard hats/caps/beanies are allowed on campus and can only be worn outdoors. Hoods and beanies may be worn during winter rules (Thanksgiving break to February 1), but may not be worn indoors.
  3. Professional sport team names, gears, jersey, logos, insignias, and mascots are not permitted. 
  4. No sunglasses are to be worn in the classrooms, offices or other school facilities (unless prescribed by a physician).
  5. No pants with holes or frays. No clothing with holes or frays, no cut-offs (even if leggings are worn underneath.  Patches, stickers, and tape are not acceptable to cover holes).
  6. No underwear visible.
  7. No slippers, pajamas or other sleepwear.
  8. No piercing other than those on the ear.
  9. No extreme clothing, extreme jewelry, extreme make-up, body piercing, or any removal decorative retainers (Grillz), etc. that draw undue attention to the wearer.
  10. No clothing that depicts death or skulls, profanity, products or slogans that promote tobacco, alcohol, drugs or sex.



  1. No clothes that are considered revealing. No underwear-type sleeveless shirts, tank tops, tube tops, off-the-shoulder tops, or halter tops are allowed. Tops must completely cover the midriff area. Tops must have sleeves.
  2. No shorts, skirts, or dresses higher than 4" above the knees (must extend to mid-thigh or lower). Shorts are to be hemmed. No bike shorts (spandex) or frayed shorts.
  3. Leggings and all spandex/lycra bottoms may be worn as long as not skin or undergarments can be visible (no see through).

Baggy Clothing/Gang Material

  1. No articles of clothing that depict or display gang symbols or would otherwise be deemed "gang related."
  2. In general, no excessively baggy, or oversized pants or shorts. Oversized clothing that presents a safety concern or reflects a gang style image is not acceptable. Shirts that hang below outstretched fingers will be considered oversized.
  3. No sagging pants or shorts, even if covered by a shirt.
  4. No clothing or apparel that a student or group of students wear to identify themselves for the purpose of harassing, threatening or intimidating others. Example: No military, paramilitary, or trench coats.
  5. No attire that may be used as a weapon, including but not limited to steel toed boots, chains, and items with spikes or studs.
  6. Gang-related symbols, insignias or "colors" (red/royal blue--when it is more than 50% of an article of clothing) are not to be worn or displayed. Solid red/royal blue under-garments, T-shirts, belts, shorts, shoes or shoe laces may not be worn to school or school sponsored events.
  7. Any clothing that depicts college logos, insignias, and mascots that represents or identifies them as "gang members" are not permitted.


  1. Electronic devices such as cell phones and phone watches, are allowed on campus, but they must remain off and not visible while in class, unless permitted by the teacher. In case of an emergency, a student may use a cell phone with teacher or staff permission.
  2. Students can have only one earbud on during passing time and lunch, but must remove them before entering a classroom, locker room, library, cafeteria, or any other placed deemed necessary by school officials. 
  3. Skateboards/skates/roller blades/scooters may be used as a method of transportation to school, but must be locked up in a skateboard locker, left in a teacher approved classroom, or an administration office, while on campus. Skateboard use is prohibited on the school grounds.


Questions regarding the dress code due to medical or religious reasons should be directed to the vice principals.


Due to the frequency of changing styles in clothing, Bullard High School reserves the right to adjust the dress code as needed. The dress code will be reviewed periodically by staff, parents, students and the School Site Council. Exceptions to the above may be made by the Principal for special days or special events.

Site Council Approved Dress Code 2016-17                                                           

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