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Bid Information

Bid Information

We extend a warm welcome to those wishing to do business with the Fresno Unified School District (FUSD or the "District"). It is our goal to make our relationship friendly and mutually rewarding. Our principal objective is to acquire goods and services at a fair and reasonable price. We are constantly seeking new sources and welcome your participation. Formal bids are solicited through newspaper advertisement and bids are publicly opened and read aloud on the date and time indicated.

Please contact the Buyer listed if you have questions concerning the bid specifications or to obtain a printed copy of the bid. Only the FUSD Purchasing Buyer is authorized to answer questions regarding bid specifications. If the Buyer cannot answer your questions an addendum will be issued. Only written Addenda shall be binding. Any information you obtain from the end user will not be legally binding and can be cause for your bid being rejected.

A list of active and closed bid events may be viewed by clicking on the desired "bid status" bar. To download bid documents click on the title of desired bid, then click on the desired file in the "attachments" box. Bidders shall verify and only rely on applicable dates stated in bid documents and addenda as the correct dates of events and required due dates for bids.

Report fraud, waste or abuse by calling the Anti-Fraud Hotline, (559) 325-3200, or by completing the fraud, waste or abuse reporting form online at:

The anti-fraud waste or abuse reporting hotline is available to report alleged fraud in the district. The responsibility for monitoring the hotline rests with the internal auditor for Fresno Unified School District, Price, Page & Company. A report may be made anonymously.


collapse Bid Status : Active Events ‎(12)
E23001December 6, 2019 at 9:00am12/19/2019 3:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten3/4/2020
20-15Mandatory 11/19/19 @ 10 am, Viking ES12/19/2019 2:00 PMNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel1/15/2020
20-11MANDATORY 10/24/19, 2:00PM at Ericson Elementary School11/19/2019 3:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel12/18/2019
20-10MANDATORY, 10/17/19, 10:00AM at Cambridge High School11/7/2019 2:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel12/11/2019
20-0910/9/2019 at 9am10/17/2019 3:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten11/20/2019
20-08Mandatory 11/8/19 at 9:00am, Purchasing Department12/5/2019 3:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableAnn Loorz1/29/2020
1460-35050MANDATORY 11/5/19 10:00AM at Turner E.S.11/20/2019 2:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel
1370-35104MANDATORY 10/22/19, 1:00PM at Plye Elementary School11/5/2019 2:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel
1260-35100Mandatory 11/19/2019 @ 1 pm, King ES12/5/2019 2:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel
1098-35052Mandatory 11/13/2019 @ 10 am, Phoenix Academy ES11/26/2019 2:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel
1025-35033MANDATORY 10/24/19, 10:00AM at Aynesworth Elementary School11/21/2019 2:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel
0705-32004Mandatory 8/6/19 @ 10 am, Cesar Chavez Adult School8/15/2019 3:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia
collapse Bid Status : Closed Events ‎(462)

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