Successful Simon Attendance Owl Visits Schools to Promote Attendance

What: Successful Simon Attendance Owl will visit Powers-Ginsburg Elementary to promote that every day matters when it comes to attendance

When: Monday, Sept. 30, 2019, 7:55 a.m.

Where: Powers-Ginsburg Elementary School 110 E. Swift Ave. (93711)

In an effort to remind students and parents about the importance of daily attendance and the connection to school success and graduation, the Successful Simon Attendance Owl has been visiting schools throughout the district. The mascot, new this year, has visited more than 40 schools during arrival and dismissal times to give students a high-five, fist pump or hug to let them know that their success starts by being at school every day.

“When we promote daily attendance and arriving on time at school, wonderful things can happen: a student will never miss an important lesson, they will not be behind on assignments and they will also learn the meaning of responsibility. Successful Simon is a great way to get that
message across,” said Superintendent Bob Nelson.

19-9-26-1 Successful Simon visits Powers Elementary (PDF)

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