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Privacy & Security

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eLearning Companion Device      Privacy & Security

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Fresno Unified will collect a very limited amount of data. The data collection will be limited to data points that will help enhance eLearning Companion Device Initiative. Your student's privacy is extremely important to Fresno Unified. The district cannot remotely monitor location, turn on services, or access the device camera with these management solutions. It is important that parents/guardians monitor their students' device usage.

Data Collection

In order to know if the tablet is being used by students, we have installed an app that collects info about how many minutes the tablet is on. The app also collects how many minutes the learning apps that are installed by the district are used.

The app does NOT collect the following:

  • Info from any app on the tablet or any app that is loaded by the student or family after the tablet is accepted
  • Where the tablet is being used
  • Any info that apps use or send

Important Documents

Content Filtering

Device content filtering is provided by DNS Filter. When enabled the content filter will prevent students from navigating to adult content and enforces safe searches on and In addition to filtering adult content, it prevents traffic of known malware if the device becomes infected. If the DNS Filter app is disabled on the device the parent will receive a notification.

Digital Citizenship

To be a good digital citizen includes the responsible use of technology. Students are to act in ways that are safe, legal and ethical. This includes positive interactions with others online, keeping personal information private, and respecting the work of others. A good digital citizen will not participate in and will report online bullying, harassment or hate speech.

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