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All Board Policies

 All Board Policies

Policy NumberTypeTitle

collapse Section: 0000 Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans
0000BPCore Beliefs And Commitments
0100BPPhilosophy/Theory Of Action
0200BPSchool Accountability
0201BPData Dashboard
0210BPGoals for Student Learning
0300BPProfessional Learning
0410BPNondiscrimination In District Programs And Activities
0415BPDiversity, Equity and Inclusion
0420BPSchool-Based Management Site Councils Coordinated Programs
0420ARSchool Plans/Site Councils
0420 ESchool-Based Management Site Councils Coordinated Programs
0420.1BPSchool-Based Program Coordination
0420.1ARSchool-Based Program Coordination
0420.2BPSchool Improvement Program
0420.3BPSchool-Based Student Motivation And Maintenance Program
0420.3ARSchool-Based Student Motivation And Maintenance Program
0420.4BPCharter School Authorization
0420.4ARCharter Schools
0420.41BPCharter School Oversight
0420.42BPCharter School Renewal
0420.43BPCharter School Revocation
0430BPComprehensive Local Plan for Special Education
0440BPDistrict Technology Plan
0440ARDistrict Technology Plan
0440.1BPUse Of District Technology, Networks, Internet Services And Information Services
0440.1ARUse Of District Technology, Networks, Internet Services And Information Services
0440.2ARIndustrial Internet of Things
0450BPComprehensive Safety Plan
0450ARComprehensive Safety Plan
0460BPLocal Control and Accountability Plan
0460ARLocal Control And Accountability Plan
0500BPReview And Evaluation
0502 EIntervention For Underperforming Schools
0510BPSchool Accountability Report Card
0510ARSchool Accountability Report Card
0520 EIntervention For Underperforming Schools
0520.1BPHigh Priority Schools Grant Program
0520.1ARHigh Priority Schools Grant Program
0520.2BPTitle I Program Improvement Schools
0520.2ARTitle I Program Improvement Schools
0530BPAwards For School Performance
0530ARAwards For School Performance

collapse Section: 1000 Community Relations
1000BPConcepts and Roles in Community Relations
1000ARConcepts and Roles in Community Relations
1100BPCommunication with the Public
1100ARCommunication with the Public
1112BPMedia Relations
1113BPImage Management (Logos)
1120BPGoverning Board Meetings
1120.1BPTobacco-Free Schools
1120.1ARTobacco-Free Schools
1130BPResponsibility of School Personnel
1150BPGoverning Board Commendation Program
1150ARGoverning Board Commendation Program
1160BPPolitical Processes
1220BPCitizen Advisory Committees
1230BPSchool-Connected Organizations
1240BPVolunteer Assistance
1240ARVolunteer Assistance
1240 EVolunteer Assistance
1260BPParent/Guardian Involvement
1265BPCivility Policy
1265ARCivility Policy
1312BPComplaints Concerning the Schools
1312.1BPComplaints Concerning District Employees
1312.1ARComplaints Concerning School Personnel
1312.1 EComplaints Against District Employees
1312.2BPComplaints Concerning Instructional Materials
1312.2ARComplaints Concerning Instructional Materials
1312.3BPUniform Complaint Procedures
1312.3ARUniform Complaint Procedures
1312.3 EUniform Complaint Procedures
1312.4ARWilliams Uniform Complaint Procedures
1312.4 EWilliams Uniform Complaint Procedures
1313BPGifts to School Personnel
1321BPSolicitation Of Funds From And By Students
1321ARSolicitation Of Funds From And By Students
1322BPPublic Performances by Students
1322ARPublic Performances by Students
1325BPAdvertising And Promotion
1325ARAdvertising And Promotion
1330BPUse Of School Facilities
1330ARUse Of School Facilities
1340BPAccess To District Records
1400BPRelations Between Other Governmental Agencies And The Schools
1410BPLocal Agencies
1410ARLocal Agencies
1700BPRelations Between Private Industry and the Schools

collapse Section: 2000 Administration
2000BPConcepts and Roles in Administration
2100BPAdministrative Staff Organization
2100ARAdministrative Staff Organization
2110BPOrganization Chart/Lines of Responsibility
2120BPSuperintendent Recruitment And Selection
2121BPSuperintendent's Contract
2122BPSuperintendent Of Schools: Job Description
2122 ESuperintendent Of Schools: Responsibilities And Duties
2123BPEvaluation Of The Superintendent
2123 EEvaluation Of The Superintendent
2210BPAdministrative Leeway in Absence of Governing Board Policy
2230BPRepresentative & Deliberative Groups
2231BPLegislative Process
2231ARLegislative Process
2250BPPrincipal's Designee
2300BPConflict of Interest Code: Designated Personnel

collapse Section: 3000 Business and Noninstructional Operations
3000BPConcepts and Roles
3110BPBudget Amendments
3110ARBudget Amendments
3230BPFederal Grant Funds
3230ARFederal Grant Funds
3250BPAccounts Receivable Write Off Policy
3250ARAccounts Receivable Write Off Policy
3260BPFees And Charges
3260ARFees And Charges
3270BPSale And Disposal Of Books, Equipment And Supplies (Personal Property)
3270ARSale And Disposal Of Books, Equipment And Supplies (Personal Property)
3280BPSale, Lease, Rental Of District-Owned Real Property
3290BPGifts, Grants And Bequests
3290ARGifts, Grants And Bequests
3310BPPurchasing Procedures
3310ARPurchasing Procedures
3310.3ARPerishables and Seasonal Commodities
3311 EBids
3312.2BPEducational Travel Program Contracts
3312.2AREducational Travel Program Contracts
3313BPPurchasing Guides
3313.4ARAccess to Teachers
3314.1BPReimbursement Fund
3314.1ARReimbursement Fund
3314.2BPDistrict Revolving Fund
3315BPRelations with Vendors
3315ARRelations with Vendors
3320BPClaims And Actions Against The District
3320ARClaims And Actions Against The District
3320 EClaims And Actions Against The District
3321BPRequesting Goods & Services (Requisitions)
3322BPRequesting Goods & Services (Specifications)
3323BPRequesting Goods & Services (Bids And Quotations)
3323ARRequesting Goods & Services (Bids And Quotations)
3323.1ARApproval Process For Service Providers
3324.1BPContracts - Non-Discrimination
3324.1ARContracts - Non-Discrimination
3400BPManagement Of District Assets/Accounts
3400ARManagement Of District Assets/Accounts
3400.1BPAudit Committee
3400.2BPInternal Audit
3450BPMoney in School Buildings
3450ARDepositing Money
3451ARSchool Site Bank Account
3452BPStudent Activity Funds
3452ARStudent Activity Funds
3460BPFinancial Reports And Accountability
3460ARFinancial Reports And Accountability
3470BPDebt Issuance and Management
3511BPEnergy And Water Conservation
3511AREnergy And Water Conservation
3511.1BPIntergrated Waste Management
3511.1ARIntergrated Waste Management
3512 EEquipment
3514BPEnvironmental Safety
3514AREnvironmental Safety
3514.1BPHazardous Substances
3514.1ARHazardous Substances
3514.2ARIntergrated Pest Management
3515BPSchool Safety And Security
3515ARSchool Safety And Security
3515.1ARCrime Data Reporting
3515.4BPRecovery For Property Loss Or Damage
3515.5BPSex Offender Information
3515.5ARSex Offender Notification
3516BPEmergencies And Disaster Preparedness Plan
3516AREmergencies And Disaster Preparedness Plan
3516.1BPIntegrated Pest Management Policy Statement
3516.1ARIntegrated Pest Management Policy Statement
3516.3AREarthquake Emergency Procedure System
3517BPFacilities Inspection
3530BPInsurance Management
3530ARInsurance Management
3541BPTransportation Routes And Services
3541ARTransportation Routes And Services
3541.1BPSchool-Related Trips
3541.2BPTransportation For Students With Disabilities Or Handicaps
3541.4BPTransportation for Outside Groups
3541.5BPAlternative Transportation Arrangements
3542BPRoles And Duties Of Employees
3543BPTransportation: Emergency And Safety Procedures
3551BPFood Service Operations/Cafeteria Fund
3553BPFree And Reduced Price Meals
3553ARFree And Reduced Price Meals
3580BPDistrict Records
3580ARDistrict Records
3581ARElectronic Records
3600BPConsultants/Independent Contractors
3600ARConsultants/Independent Contractors

collapse Section: 4000 Personnel
4000BPConcepts And Roles
4020BPDrug-Free Workplace
4020 EDrug-Free Workplace
4030BPNondiscrimination In Employment
4030ARNondiscrimination In Employment
4031ARComplaints Concerning Discrimination In Employment
4040BPCode of Conduct/Conflict of Interest
4040 ECode of Conduct/Conflict of Interest
4100BPCertificated Personnel
4111BPRecruitment And Selection
4111.1BPFair And Equal Opportunity In Employment
4111.1ARFair And Equal Opportunity In Employment
4111.2BPLegal Status Requirement
4111.2ARLegal Status Requirement
4112ARAppointment And Conditions Of Employment
4112.2 ECertification
4112.21BPTeacher Interns
4112.21ARTeacher Interns
4112.22BPStaff for Limited-English Profeciency Programs
4112.22ARStaff Teaching Students Of Limited English Proficiency
4112.3AROath Of Affirmation
4112.3 EOath Of Affirmation
4112.4BPHealth Examinations
4112.42BPDrug And Alcohol Testing For District Drivers
4112.42ARDrug And Alcohol Testing For District Drivers
4112.5ARApplicants For Employment
4112.6BPPersonnel Records
4112.6ARPersonnel Records
4112.61BPEmployment References
4112.61AREmployment References
4112.61 EEmployment References
4112.62ARMaintenance Of Criminal Offender Records
4112.62 EMaintenance Of Criminal Offender Records
4112.8BPNepotism: Employment Of Relatives
4112.8ARNepotism: Employment Of Relatives
4112.9BPSigned Statements
4112.91BPEmployee Notifications
4113.4BPTemporary Modified/Alternative Duty Program
4113.4ARTemporary Modified/Alternative Duty Program
4115BPEvaluation Supervision
4116BPProbationary/Permanent Status
4117.13BPEarly Retirement Option
4117.3BPPersonnel Reduction
4117.3ARPersonnel Reduction
4117.5ARPersonnel Termination Agreements
4118BPSuspension/Disciplinary Action
4118ARSuspension/Disciplinary Action
4119.1BPCivil and Legal Rights
4119.11BPSexual Harrasment
4119.11ARSexual Harrasment
4119.21BPProfessional Standards
4119.21 ECode Of Ethics
4119.23BPUnauthorized Release Of Confidential Privileged Information
4119.25BPPolitical Activities Of Employees
4119.25ARPolitical Activities Of Employees
4119.41BPEmployees With Infectious Disease
4119.42BPInfectious Disease Education
4119.43BPBloodborne Pathogens
4119.43ARBloodborne Pathogens
4120BPTemporary and Part-Time Personnel
4121BPSubstitute Teachers
4121ARTemporary/Substitute Personnel
4122BPStudent Teachers/University Interns
4122ARStudent Teachers/University Interns
4126BPConsultants/Independent Contractors
4126ARConsultants/Independent Contractors
4127BPTemporary Athletic Team Coaches
4127ARTemporary Athletic Team Coaches
4131BPStaff Development
4131.6BPProfessional Development Program
4131.6ARProfessional Development Program
4132BPPublication or Creation of Materials
4132ARPublication or Creation of Materials
4133BPTravel Request
4133ARTravel Request
4133.1BPTravel Reimbursement
4133.1ARTravel Reimbursement
4133.1 ETravel Reimbursement
4135BPSoliciting and Selling
4141.6BPConcerted Action Work Stoppage
4141.6ARConcerted Action Work Stoppage
4143.1BPPublic Notice Personnel Negotiations
4143.1ARPublic Notice Personnel Negotiations
4151BPEmployee Compensation
4153ARAdditional Compensation Paid to Employees Performing Training for other Agencies or School Districts
4153.1ARAdditional Compensation Paid To Eligible Employee Completing Professional Learning Column Courses Provided By The District’s Professional Learning Department
4154BPHealth and Welfare Benefits
4156.3BPEmployee Property Reimbursement
4157BPSafety/Injury and Illness Prevention Program
4157ARSafety/Injury and Illness Prevention Program
4157.1BPWork-Related Injuries
4158BPEmployee Security
4158AREmployee Security
4159BPEmployee Assistance Programs
4161.1ARPersonal Illness Injury Leave
4161.11ARIndustrial Accident and Illness Leave
4161.8BPFamily Care and Medical Leave
4161.8ARFamily Care and Medical Leave
4161.8 EFamily Care and Medical Leave
4161.9BPCatastrophic Leave Program
4200BPClassified Personnel
4211BPRecruitment and Selection
4211.1BPAffirmative Action
4211.1ARAffirmative Action
4211.2BPLegal Status Requirement
4211.2ARLegal Status Requirement
4212BPAppointment and Conditions of Employment
4212ARAppointment and Conditions of Employment
4212.22BPStaff for Limited-English Proficiency Programs
4212.22ARStaff Teaching Students of Limited English Proficiency
4212.3AROath or Affirmation
4212.3 EOath or Affirmation
4212.4BPHealth Examinations
4212.42BPDrug and Alcohol Testing For District (Class A/B) Drivers
4212.42ARDrug And Alcohol Testing For District (Class A/B) Drivers
4212.5ARCriminal Record Check
4212.61BPEmployment References
4212.61AREmployment References
4212.61 EEmployment References
4212.62ARMaintenance of Criminal Offender Records
4212.8BPNepotism: Employment of Relatives
4212.9BPSigned Statements
4212.91BPEmployee Notifications
4215ARProbation and Evaluation
4216BPProbationary/Permanent Status
4217.3BPLayoff Rehire
4217.3ARLayoff Rehire
4217.5BPTermination Agreements
4217.5ARPersonnel Termination Agreements
4218BPDismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action
4218ARDismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action
4219.1BPCivil and Legal Rights
4219.11BPSexual Harrasment
4219.11ARSexual Harrasment
4219.21BPCode of Ethics
4219.23BPUnauthorized Release of Confidential Privileged Information
4219.25BPPolitical Activities of Employees
4219.25ARPolitical Activities of Employees
4219.41BPEmployees with Infectious Disease
4219.42BPInfectious Disease Education
4219.43BPBloodborne Pathogens
4219.43ARBloodborne Pathogens
4222BPTeacher Aides/Paraprofessionals
4222ARTeacher Aides/Paraprofessionals
4222 ETeacher Aides/Paraprofessionals
4226BPConsultant/Independent Contractors
4226ARConsultant/Independent Contractors
4227BPTemporary Athletic Team Coaches
4227ARTemporary Athletic Team Coaches
4231.6BPProfessional Development Program
4231.6ARProfessional Development Program
4232BPPublication or Creation of Materials
4232ARPublication or Creation of Materials
4233BPTravel Request
4233ARTravel Request
4233.1BPTravel Reimbursement
4233.1ARTravel Reimbursement
4233.1 ETravel Reimbursement
4235BPSoliciting and Selling
4241.6BPConcerted Action/Work Stoppage
4241.6ARConcerted Action/Work Stoppage
4243.1BPPublic Notice - Personnel Negotiations
4243.1ARPublic Notice - Personnel Negotiations
4253BPOvertime Pay Compensatory Time Off
4253ARAdditional Compensation Paid to Employees Performing Training for Other Agencies or School Districts
4253AROvertime Pay Compensatory Time Off
4254BPHealth and Welfare Benefits
4256.3BPEmployee Property Reimbursement
4257BPSafety/Injury and Illness Prevention Program
4257ARSafety/Injury and Illness Prevention Program
4258BPEmployee Security
4258AREmployee Security
4259BPEmployee Assistance Programs
4261.1BPPersonal Illness and Injury Leave
4261.1ARPersonal Illness and Injury Leave
4261.8BPFamily Care and Medical Leave
4261.8ARFamily Care and Medical Leave
4261.8 EFamily Care and Medical Leave
4261.9BPCatastrophic Leave Program
4300BPManagement, Supervisory and Confidential Personnel
4300ARManagement, Supervisory and Confidential Personnel
4311BPRecruitment and Selection
4311.1BPAffirmative Action
4311.1ARAffirmative Action
4311.2BPLegal Status Requirement
4311.2ARLegal Status Requirement
4312.3AROath or Affirmation
4312.3 EOath or Affirmation
4312.4BPHealth Examinations
4312.42BPDrug and Alcohol Testing for District (Class A B) Drivers
4312.42ARDrug and Alcohol Testing for District (Class A B) Drivers
4312.5ARApplicants for Employement
4312.61BPEmployment References
4312.61AREmployment References
4312.61 EEmployment References
4312.62ARMaintenance of Criminal Offender Records
4312.8BPNepotism: Employment of Relatives
4312.9BPSigned Statements
4312.91BPEmployee Notifications
4315.1BPAdministrative Competence In Evaluation
4315.1ARAdministrative Competence In Evaluation
4317.13BPEarly Retirement Option
4317.3BPPersonnel Reduction (Layoff/Rehire)
4317.3ARPersonnel Reduction (Layoff/Rehire)
4317.5BPTermination Agreements
4317.5ARPersonnel Termination Agreements
4319.1BPCivil and Legal Rights
4319.11BPSexual Harrasment
4319.11ARSexual Harrasment
4319.21BPCode of Ethics
4319.23BPUnauthorized Release of Confidential Privileged Information
4319.25BPPolitical Activities of Employees
4319.25ARPolitical Activities of Employees
4319.41BPEmployee with Infectious Disease
4319.42BPInfectious Desease Education
4319.43BPBloodborne Pathogens
4319.43ARBloodborne Pathogens
4326BPConsultant/Independent Contractors
4326ARConsultant/Independent Contractors
4327BPTemporary Athletic Team Coaches
4327ARTemporary Athletic Team Coaches
4331BPStaff Development
4331.1 ETravel Reimbursement
4331.6BPProfessional Development Program
4331.6ARProfessional Development Program
4332BPPublication or Creation of Materials
4332ARPublication or Creation of Materials
4333BPTravel Request
4333ARTravel Request
4333.1BPTravel Reimbursement
4333.1ARTravel Reimbursement
4333.1 ETravel Reimbursement
4335BPSoliciting and Selling
4351BPSalary Schedules
4351ARSalary Schedules
4353ARAdditional Compensation Paid to Employees Performing Training for Other Agencies or School Districts
4354BPHealth and Welfare Benefits
4356.3BPEmployee Property Reimbursement
4357BPSafety/Injury and Illness Prevention Program
4357ARSafety/Injury and Illness Prevention Program
4358BPEmployee Security
4358AREmployee Security
4359BPEmployee Assistance Programs
4361.1ARPersonal Illness Injury Leave
4361.11ARIndustrial Accident and Illness Leave
4361.8BPFamily Care and Medical Leave
4361.8ARFamily Care and Medical Leave
4361.8 EFamily Care and Medical Leave
4361.9BPCatastrophic Leave Program
4362BPVacation Holidays
4362ARVacation Holidays

collapse Section: 5000 Students
5000BPConcepts And Roles
5020BPParent Rights And Responsibilities
5020ARParent Rights And Responsibilities
5021BPNoncustodial Parents
5021ARNoncustodial Parents
5022BPStudent And Family Privacy Rights
5022ARStudent And Family Privacy Rights
5030BPStudent Wellness
5030 EStudent Wellness
5111.1BPDistrict Residency
5111.1ARDistrict Residency
5111.11ARResidency Of Students With Caregiver
5111.11 EResidency Of Students With Caregiver
5111.13ARResidency For Homeless Children And Foster Youth
5111.2BPAdmission Of Foreign Students
5111.2ARAdmission Of Nonresident Foreign Students
5112.1BPExemptions From Attendance
5112.1ARExemptions From Attendance
5112.2BPExclusions From Attendance
5112.2ARExclusions From Attendance
5112.5BPClosed Campus
5112.5AROpen/Closed Campus
5113BPAbsences And Excuses
5113ARAbsences And Excuses
5113 EAbsences and Excuses
5113.1BPChronic Absence And Truancy
5113.1ARChronic Absence And Truancy
5113.12BPDistrict School Attendance Review Board
5113.12ARDistrict School Attendance Review Board
5113.2BPWork Permits
5113.2ARWork Permits
5116BPStudent Attendance Boundaries And Student Transfers
5116ARVoluntary Intradistrict and Interdistrict Transfer Policy
5116 EStudent Transfers
5116.1BPIntradistrict And Interdistrict Voluntary Enrollment
5116.2BPMagnet Schools
5117BPInvoluntary Intradistrict Transfers
5117ARInvoluntary Intradistrict Transfers
5117.2ARAlternative Interdistrict Attendance Program
5119BPStudents Expelled From Other Districts
5119ARStudents Expelled From Other Districts
5121BPGrades/Evaluation Of Student Achievement
5121ARExamination And Grading
5121.1BPDistrict Credit For Transfers From Private Schools/Home Tutoring
5121.1ARDistrict Credit For Transfers From Private Schools/Home Tutoring
5125BPStudent Records
5125ARStudent Records
5125.1BPRelease Of Directory Information
5125.1ARRelease Of Directory Information
5125.2ARWithholding Grades, Diplomas Or Transcripts
5125.3ARChallenging Student Records
5126BPAwards for Achievement
5126ARAwards for Achievement
5127BPGraduation Ceremonies And Activities
5127ARGraduation Ceremonies And Activities
5131.1BPStudent Conduct On Buses
5131.1ARBus Conduct
5131.4BPCampus Disturbances
5131.4ARCampus Disturbances
5131.6BPAlcohol And Other Drugs
5131.6ARAlcohol And Other Drugs
5131.63BPAnabolic Steroids
5131.63ARAnabolic Steroids
5131.7BPWeapons And Dangerous Instruments
5131.7ARWeapons And Dangerous Instruments
5132BPDress And Appearance (K-12)
5132AREducationally Appropriate Dress and Appearance
5132 EDress And Grooming
5137BPPositive School Climate
5138BPStudent Quality Education And Diversity Policy
5138.2BPConflict Resolution
5139BPRegulating The Possession Or Use Of Portable Communication Devices
5139ARRegulating The Possession Or Use Of Portable Communication Devices
5141BPHealth Care And Emergencies
5141ARHealth Care And Emergencies
5141.21BPAdministering Medication And Monitoring Health Conditions
5141.21ARAdministering Medication And Monitoring Health Conditions
5141.22BPInfectious Diseases
5141.22ARInfectious Diseases
5141.23BPInfectious Disease Prevention
5141.23BPAsthma Management
5141.23ARInfectious Disease Prevention
5141.23 EPrecautions For Infectious Disease Prevention
5141.24BPSpecialized Physical Health Care Services
5141.24ARSpecialized Physical Health Care Services
5141.27BPFood Allergies/Special Dietary Needs
5141.3BPHealth Examinations
5141.3ARHealth Examinations
5141.32BPHealth Screening for School Entry
5141.32ARKindergarten First Grade Child Health And Disability Prevention Program (CHDP)
5141.33BPHead Lice
5141.4BPChild Abuse Prevention And Reporting
5141.4ARChild Abuse Prevention And Reporting
5141.52BPSuicide Prevention
5141.52ARSuicide Prevention
5141.6BPSchool Health Services
5141.6 EStudent Health And Social Services
5142.1BPIdentification And Reporting Of Missing Children
5142.1ARIdentification And Reporting Of Missing Children
5142.2BPCrossing Guards
5142.2ARCrossing Guards
5142.3BPStudent Use Of Bicycles
5144.1BPSuspension And Expulsion/Due Process
5144.1ARSuspension And Expulsion/Due Process
5144.2ARSuspension And Expulsion/Due Process (Students With Disabilities)
5144.2 ESuspension And Expulsion/Due Process (Students With Disabilities)
5144.4BPRequired Parental Attendance
5145.11BPQuestioning And Apprehension
5145.11ARQuestioning And Apprehension
5145.11 EQuestioning And Apprehension
5145.12BPSearch And Seizure
5145.12ARSearch And Seizure
5145.12 ESearch And Seizure
5145.13BPResponse To Immigration Enforcement
5145.13ARResponse To Immigration Enforcement
5145.2BPFreedom Of Speech/Expression: Publication Code
5145.2ARFreedom Of Speech/Expression: Publication Code
5145.31BPGender And Identity Inclusion
5145.6BPParental Notifications
5145.6 EParental Notifications
5145.7BPSexual Harassment
5145.7ARSexual Harassment
5145.8BPRefusal to Harm or Destroy Animals
5145.8ARRefusal to Harm or Destroy Animals
5145.9BPHate-Motivated Behavior
5146BPMarried/Pregnant/Parenting Students
5146ARMarried/Pregnant/Parenting Students
5147BPDropout Prevention
5148BPChild Care and Development Programs
5148ARChild Care And Development Programs
5148.2BPBefore/After School Programs
5148.3BPPreschool/Early Childhood Education
5149BPAt-Risk Students
5149ARAt-Risk Students

collapse Section: 6000 Instruction
6000BPConcepts And Roles In Instruction
6010BPGoals And Objectives
6011BPAcademic Standards
6020BPParent Involvement
6020ARParent Involvement
6030BPIntegrated Academic And Vocational Instruction
6030ARIntegrated Academic And Vocational Instruction
6111BPSchool Calendar
6112BPSchool Day
6112ARSchool Day
6114BPEmergencies And Disaster Preparedness Plan
6114AREmergencies And Disaster Preparedness Plan
6114.1BPFire Drills And Fires
6114.1ARFire Drills And Fires
6114.2ARBomb Threats
6114.3BPEarthquake and Civil Defense
6114.3AREarthquake and Civil Defense
6114.4ARInclement Weather/Smog
6115BPCeremonies And Observances
6115ARCeremonies And Observances
6117BPMultitrack Year-Round Schedules
6141BPCurriculum Development And Design
6141ARCurriculum Development And Design
6141.1BPExperimental/Innovative Programs
6141.2BPReligious Expression In The Schools
6141.2ARReligious Expression In The Schools
6141.2 EReligious Expression In The Schools
6141.6BPMulticutural Education
6142.1BPSexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction
6142.1ARSexual Health And HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction
6142.2BPAIDS Instruction
6142.2ARAIDS Prevention Instruction
6142.3BPCivic Engagement
6142.4BPCommunity Service
6142.6BPVisual And Performing Arts Education
6142.7BPPhysical Education And Activity
6142.8BPComprehensive Health Education
6142.8ARComprehensive Health Education
6142.92BPMathematics Instruction
6142.93BPScience Instruction
6142.93BPScience Instruction
6143BPCourses Of Study
6143ARCourses Of Study
6144BPControversial Issues
6145BPExtracurricular And Cocurricular Activities
6145ARExtracurricular And Cocurricular Activities
6145.2BPAthletic Competition
6145.2ARAthletic Competition
6145.6BPInternational Exchanges
6145.6ARInternational Exchanges
6145.6 EInternational Exchanges
6145.7BPStudent Exchange Organizations
6145.7ARStudent Exchange Organizations
6145.8BPActivity Funds Management
6146.1BPHigh School Graduation Requirements/Standards Of Proficiency
6146.1ARHigh School Graduation Requirements/Standards Of Proficiency
6146.11BPAlternative Credits Toward Graduation
6146.12ARNon-FUSD Online Courses
6146.3BPReciprocity on Standards of Proficiency/Graduation Requirements (Elementary)
6146.4BPDifferential Graduation And Competency Standard For Individuals With Exceptional Needs
6146.4ARDifferential Graduation And Competency Standard For Individuals With Exceptional Needs
6151BPClass Size
6151ARClass Size
6152BPElementary And Secondary Parameters For Developing Thematic Schools And/Or Schools Of Choice
6152.1BPPlacement In Mathematics Courses
6153BPField Trips
6153ARField Trips
6154BPHomework Makeup Work
6154ARHomework/Makeup Work
6155BPChallenging Courses By Examination
6155ARChallenging Courses By Examination
6158BPIndependent Study
6158ARIndependent Study
6159BPIndividualized Education Program
6159ARIndividualized Education Program
6159.1BPProcedural Safeguards And Complaints For Special Education
6159.1ARProcedural Safeguards And Complaints For Special Education
6159.2BPNonpublic Nonsectarian School And Agency Services For Special Education
6159.2ARNonpublic Nonsectarian School And Agency Services For Special Education
6159.3BPAppointment of Surrogate Parent for Special Education Students
6159.3ARAppointment of Surrogate Parent for Special Education Students
6159.4ARBehavioral Interventions For Special Education Students
6159.5BPStaffing For Special Education Inclusion Students
6161BPEquipment, Books And Materials
6161.1BPSelection And Evaluation Of Instructional Materials
6161.1ARSelection And Evaluation Of Instructional And Library Materials
6161.1 ESelection And Evaluation Of Instructional Materials
6161.11BPSupplementary Instructional Materials
6161.2BPOverdue, Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials
6161.3BPToxic Art Supplies
6162.5BPStudent Assessment
6162.51BPState Academic Achievement Tests
6162.51ARStandardized Testing And Reporting Program
6162.52BPHigh School Exit Examination
6162.52ARHigh School Exit Examination
6162.52 EHigh School Exit Examination
6162.6BPUse of Copyrighted Materials
6162.6ARUse of Copyrighted Materials
6162.7BPUse Of Technology In Instruction
6162.7ARUse Of Technology In Instruction
6162.8BPResearch And Data Request
6163.1BPLibrary Media Centers
6163.2BPAnimals At School
6163.2ARAnimals At School
6163.4BPStudent Use Of Technology
6164.2BPGuidance/Counseling Services
6164.4BPIdentification Of Individuals With Exceptional Needs
6164.4ARIdentification Of Individuals For Special Education
6164.41BPChildren With Disabilities Enrolled By Their Parents In Private School
6164.5BPStudent Success Teams
6164.5ARStudent Success Teams
6164.6BPSection 504 Of The Rehabilitation Act Of 1973
6164.6ARIdentification and Education Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
6164.6 EIdentification and Education Under Section 504
6170BPPrograms For Individuals With Exceptional Needs
6170.1BPTransitional Kindergarten
6171BPTitle I Programs
6171ARTitle I Programs
6172BPGifted And Talented Student Program
6173BPEducation For Homeless Children
6173AREducation For Homeless Children
6173.1BPEducation Of Foster Youth
6173.1AREducation For Foster Youth
6174BPEducation for English Learners
6174AREducation for English Learner Students
6175BPMigrant Education Program
6175ARMigrant Education Program
6177BPSummer Learning Programs
6177ARSummer School
6178BPCareer Technical Education
6178.1BPWork Based Learning
6179BPSupplemental Instruction
6179ARSupplemental Instruction
6181BPAlternative Schools
6181 ENotice of Alternative Schools
6182BPOpportunity School Class Program
6182AROpportunity School Class Program
6183ARHome And Hospital Instruction
6184BPContinuation Education
6184ARContinuation Education
6185BPCommunity Day School
6185ARCommunity Day School
6190BPEvaluation Of The Instructional Program
6190AREvaluation Of The Instructional Program
6191BPCriteria For Evaluation Of Consolidated Programs
6200BPAdult Education
6200ARAdult Education

collapse Section: 7000 Facilities
7000BPConcepts And Roles In New Construction
7110BPDetermining Needs
7111BPEvaluating Existing Buildings
7111AREvaluating Existing Buildings
7120BPParticipation In Planning
7131BPRelations With Local Agencies
7140BPArchitectural And Engineering Services
7140ARArchitectural And Engineering Services
7150BPSite Selection And Development
7150ARSite Selection And Development
7151BPRelations With The City/County Regarding Land Development
7151ARRelations With The City/County Regarding Land Development
7160ARCharter School Facilities
7210BPFacilities Financing
7211BPDeveloper Fees
7214BPGeneral Obligation Bonds
7214ARGeneral Obligation Bonds
7310BPNaming Of Facility
7310ARNaming Of Facility

collapse Section: 9000 Board Bylaws
9000BBRole Of The Board (Powers And Responsibilities)
9001BBManagement Oversight
9002BBConstituent Services
9005BBGovernance Standards
9005.1BBCensure Policy and Procedures
9010BBPublic Statements
9011BBDisclosure Of Confidential Privileged Information
9012BBBoard Member Electronic Communications
9110BBRegular and Student Members; Terms of Office
9130BBBoard Committees
9140BBBoard Representatives
9150BBStudent Board Members
9200BBLimits Of Board Member Authority
9220BBGoverning Board Elections
9223BBFilling Vacancies
9230BBOrientation Of New Board Members
9240BBBoard Training
9250BBRemuneration, Reimbursement And Other Benefits
9260BBLegal Protection
9270BBConflict Of Interest
9270 EConflict Of Interest
9310BBPolicy Manual
9311BBBoard Policies
9311ARBoard Policies
9312BBBoard Bylaws
9313BBAdministrative Regulations
9314BBSuspension of Policies, Bylaws, Administrative Regulations
9315BBBoard Policy Waivers
9320BBMeetings And Notices
9320 EMeetings And Notices
9320.1BBBoard Workshops
9321BBClosed Session Purpose And Agendas
9321.1BBClosed Session Conduct And Reports
9322BBAgenda/Meeting Materials
9322ARAgenda Meeting Materials
9323BBMeeting Conduct
9323.2BBActions By The Board
9323.2 EActions By The Board
9323.3BBComplaints Concerning Board Members
9324BBMinutes and Recordings
9400BBBoard Self-Evaluation
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