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6000 Instruction

 6000 Instruction

Policy NumberTypeTitle
6000BPConcepts And Roles In Instruction
6010BPGoals And Objectives
6011BPAcademic Standards
6020BPParent Involvement
6020ARParent Involvement
6030BPIntegrated Academic And Vocational Instruction
6030ARIntegrated Academic And Vocational Instruction
6111BPSchool Calendar
6112BPSchool Day
6112ARSchool Day
6114BPEmergencies And Disaster Preparedness Plan
6114AREmergencies And Disaster Preparedness Plan
6114.1BPFire Drills And Fires
6114.1ARFire Drills And Fires
6114.2ARBomb Threats
6114.3BPEarthquake and Civil Defense
6114.3AREarthquake and Civil Defense
6114.4ARInclement Weather/Smog
6115BPCeremonies And Observances
6115ARCeremonies And Observances
6117BPMultitrack Year-Round Schedules
6141BPCurriculum Development And Design
6141ARCurriculum Development And Design
6141.1BPExperimental/Innovative Programs
6141.2BPReligious Expression In The Schools
6141.2ARReligious Expression In The Schools
6141.2 EReligious Expression In The Schools
6141.6BPMulticutural Education
6142.1BPSexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction
6142.1ARSexual Health And HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction
6142.2BPAIDS Instruction
6142.2ARAIDS Prevention Instruction
6142.3BPCivic Engagement
6142.4BPCommunity Service
6142.6BPVisual And Performing Arts Education
6142.7BPPhysical Education And Activity
6142.8BPComprehensive Health Education
6142.8ARComprehensive Health Education
6142.92BPMathematics Instruction
6142.93BPScience Instruction
6142.93BPScience Instruction
6143BPCourses Of Study
6143ARCourses Of Study
6144BPControversial Issues
6145BPExtracurricular And Cocurricular Activities
6145ARExtracurricular And Cocurricular Activities
6145.2BPAthletic Competition
6145.2ARAthletic Competition
6145.6BPInternational Exchanges
6145.6ARInternational Exchanges
6145.6 EInternational Exchanges
6145.7BPStudent Exchange Organizations
6145.7ARStudent Exchange Organizations
6145.8BPActivity Funds Management
6146.1BPHigh School Graduation Requirements/Standards Of Proficiency
6146.1ARHigh School Graduation Requirements/Standards Of Proficiency
6146.11BPAlternative Credits Toward Graduation
6146.12ARNon-FUSD Online Courses
6146.3BPReciprocity on Standards of Proficiency/Graduation Requirements (Elementary)
6146.4BPDifferential Graduation And Competency Standard For Individuals With Exceptional Needs
6146.4ARDifferential Graduation And Competency Standard For Individuals With Exceptional Needs
6151BPClass Size
6151ARClass Size
6152BPElementary And Secondary Parameters For Developing Thematic Schools And/Or Schools Of Choice
6152.1BPPlacement In Mathematics Courses
6153BPField Trips
6153ARField Trips
6154BPHomework Makeup Work
6154ARHomework/Makeup Work
6155BPChallenging Courses By Examination
6155ARChallenging Courses By Examination
6158BPIndependent Study
6158ARIndependent Study
6159BPIndividualized Education Program
6159ARIndividualized Education Program
6159.1BPProcedural Safeguards And Complaints For Special Education
6159.1ARProcedural Safeguards And Complaints For Special Education
6159.2BPNonpublic Nonsectarian School And Agency Services For Special Education
6159.2ARNonpublic Nonsectarian School And Agency Services For Special Education
6159.3BPAppointment of Surrogate Parent for Special Education Students
6159.3ARAppointment of Surrogate Parent for Special Education Students
6159.4ARBehavioral Interventions For Special Education Students
6159.5BPStaffing For Special Education Inclusion Students
6161BPEquipment, Books And Materials
6161.1BPSelection And Evaluation Of Instructional Materials
6161.1ARSelection And Evaluation Of Instructional And Library Materials
6161.1 ESelection And Evaluation Of Instructional Materials
6161.11BPSupplementary Instructional Materials
6161.2BPOverdue, Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials
6161.3BPToxic Art Supplies
6162.5BPStudent Assessment
6162.51BPState Academic Achievement Tests
6162.51ARStandardized Testing And Reporting Program
6162.52BPHigh School Exit Examination
6162.52ARHigh School Exit Examination
6162.52 EHigh School Exit Examination
6162.6BPUse of Copyrighted Materials
6162.6ARUse of Copyrighted Materials
6162.7BPUse Of Technology In Instruction
6162.7ARUse Of Technology In Instruction
6162.8BPResearch And Data Request
6163.1BPLibrary Media Centers
6163.2BPAnimals At School
6163.2ARAnimals At School
6163.4BPStudent Use Of Technology
6164.2BPGuidance/Counseling Services
6164.4BPIdentification Of Individuals With Exceptional Needs
6164.4ARIdentification Of Individuals For Special Education
6164.41BPChildren With Disabilities Enrolled By Their Parents In Private School
6164.5BPStudent Success Teams
6164.5ARStudent Success Teams
6164.6BPSection 504 Of The Rehabilitation Act Of 1973
6164.6ARIdentification and Education Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
6164.6 EIdentification and Education Under Section 504
6170BPPrograms For Individuals With Exceptional Needs
6170.1BPTransitional Kindergarten
6171BPTitle I Programs
6171ARTitle I Programs
6172BPGifted And Talented Student Program
6173BPEducation For Homeless Children
6173AREducation For Homeless Children
6173.1BPEducation Of Foster Youth
6173.1AREducation For Foster Youth
6174BPEducation for English Learners
6174AREducation for English Learner Students
6175BPMigrant Education Program
6175ARMigrant Education Program
6177BPSummer Learning Programs
6177ARSummer School
6178BPCareer Technical Education
6178.1BPWork Based Learning
6179BPSupplemental Instruction
6179ARSupplemental Instruction
6181BPAlternative Schools
6181 ENotice of Alternative Schools
6182BPOpportunity School Class Program
6182AROpportunity School Class Program
6183ARHome And Hospital Instruction
6184BPContinuation Education
6184ARContinuation Education
6185BPCommunity Day School
6185ARCommunity Day School
6190BPEvaluation Of The Instructional Program
6190AREvaluation Of The Instructional Program
6191BPCriteria For Evaluation Of Consolidated Programs
6200BPAdult Education
6200ARAdult Education
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