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5000 Students

 5000 Students

Policy NumberTypeTitle
5000BPConcepts And Roles
5020BPParent Rights And Responsibilities
5020ARParent Rights And Responsibilities
5021BPNoncustodial Parents
5021ARNoncustodial Parents
5022BPStudent And Family Privacy Rights
5022ARStudent And Family Privacy Rights
5030BPStudent Wellness
5030 EStudent Wellness
5111.1BPDistrict Residency
5111.1ARDistrict Residency
5111.11ARResidency Of Students With Caregiver
5111.11 EResidency Of Students With Caregiver
5111.13ARResidency For Homeless Children And Foster Youth
5111.2BPAdmission Of Foreign Students
5111.2ARAdmission Of Nonresident Foreign Students
5112.1BPExemptions From Attendance
5112.1ARExemptions From Attendance
5112.2BPExclusions From Attendance
5112.2ARExclusions From Attendance
5112.5BPClosed Campus
5112.5AROpen/Closed Campus
5113BPAbsences And Excuses
5113ARAbsences And Excuses
5113 EAbsences and Excuses
5113.1BPChronic Absence And Truancy
5113.1ARChronic Absence And Truancy
5113.12BPDistrict School Attendance Review Board
5113.12ARDistrict School Attendance Review Board
5113.2BPWork Permits
5113.2ARWork Permits
5116BPStudent Attendance Boundaries And Student Transfers
5116ARVoluntary Intradistrict and Interdistrict Transfer Policy
5116 EStudent Transfers
5116.1BPIntradistrict And Interdistrict Voluntary Enrollment
5116.2BPMagnet Schools
5117BPInvoluntary Intradistrict Transfers
5117ARInvoluntary Intradistrict Transfers
5117.2ARAlternative Interdistrict Attendance Program
5119BPStudents Expelled From Other Districts
5119ARStudents Expelled From Other Districts
5121BPGrades/Evaluation Of Student Achievement
5121ARExamination And Grading
5121.1BPDistrict Credit For Transfers From Private Schools/Home Tutoring
5121.1ARDistrict Credit For Transfers From Private Schools/Home Tutoring
5125BPStudent Records
5125ARStudent Records
5125.1BPRelease Of Directory Information
5125.1ARRelease Of Directory Information
5125.2ARWithholding Grades, Diplomas Or Transcripts
5125.3ARChallenging Student Records
5126BPAwards for Achievement
5126ARAwards for Achievement
5127BPGraduation Ceremonies And Activities
5127ARGraduation Ceremonies And Activities
5131.1BPStudent Conduct On Buses
5131.1ARBus Conduct
5131.4BPCampus Disturbances
5131.4ARCampus Disturbances
5131.6BPAlcohol And Other Drugs
5131.6ARAlcohol And Other Drugs
5131.63BPAnabolic Steroids
5131.63ARAnabolic Steroids
5131.7BPWeapons And Dangerous Instruments
5131.7ARWeapons And Dangerous Instruments
5132BPDress And Appearance (K-12)
5132AREducationally Appropriate Dress and Appearance
5132 EDress And Grooming
5137BPPositive School Climate
5138BPStudent Quality Education And Diversity Policy
5138.2BPConflict Resolution
5139BPRegulating The Possession Or Use Of Portable Communication Devices
5139ARRegulating The Possession Or Use Of Portable Communication Devices
5141BPHealth Care And Emergencies
5141ARHealth Care And Emergencies
5141.21BPAdministering Medication And Monitoring Health Conditions
5141.21ARAdministering Medication And Monitoring Health Conditions
5141.22BPInfectious Diseases
5141.22ARInfectious Diseases
5141.23BPInfectious Disease Prevention
5141.23BPAsthma Management
5141.23ARInfectious Disease Prevention
5141.23 EPrecautions For Infectious Disease Prevention
5141.24BPSpecialized Physical Health Care Services
5141.24ARSpecialized Physical Health Care Services
5141.27BPFood Allergies/Special Dietary Needs
5141.3BPHealth Examinations
5141.3ARHealth Examinations
5141.32BPHealth Screening for School Entry
5141.32ARKindergarten First Grade Child Health And Disability Prevention Program (CHDP)
5141.33BPHead Lice
5141.4BPChild Abuse Prevention And Reporting
5141.4ARChild Abuse Prevention And Reporting
5141.52BPSuicide Prevention
5141.52ARSuicide Prevention
5141.6BPSchool Health Services
5141.6 EStudent Health And Social Services
5142.1BPIdentification And Reporting Of Missing Children
5142.1ARIdentification And Reporting Of Missing Children
5142.2BPCrossing Guards
5142.2ARCrossing Guards
5142.3BPStudent Use Of Bicycles
5144.1BPSuspension And Expulsion/Due Process
5144.1ARSuspension And Expulsion/Due Process
5144.2ARSuspension And Expulsion/Due Process (Students With Disabilities)
5144.2 ESuspension And Expulsion/Due Process (Students With Disabilities)
5144.4BPRequired Parental Attendance
5145.11BPQuestioning And Apprehension
5145.11ARQuestioning And Apprehension
5145.11 EQuestioning And Apprehension
5145.12BPSearch And Seizure
5145.12ARSearch And Seizure
5145.12 ESearch And Seizure
5145.13BPResponse To Immigration Enforcement
5145.13ARResponse To Immigration Enforcement
5145.2BPFreedom Of Speech/Expression: Publication Code
5145.2ARFreedom Of Speech/Expression: Publication Code
5145.31BPGender And Identity Inclusion
5145.6BPParental Notifications
5145.6 EParental Notifications
5145.7BPSexual Harassment
5145.7ARSexual Harassment
5145.8BPRefusal to Harm or Destroy Animals
5145.8ARRefusal to Harm or Destroy Animals
5145.9BPHate-Motivated Behavior
5146BPMarried/Pregnant/Parenting Students
5146ARMarried/Pregnant/Parenting Students
5147BPDropout Prevention
5148BPChild Care and Development Programs
5148ARChild Care And Development Programs
5148.2BPBefore/After School Programs
5148.3BPPreschool/Early Childhood Education
5149BPAt-Risk Students
5149ARAt-Risk Students
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