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4000 Personnel

 4000 Personnel

Policy NumberTypeTitle
4000BPConcepts And Roles
4020BPDrug-Free Workplace
4020 EDrug-Free Workplace
4030BPNondiscrimination In Employment
4030ARNondiscrimination In Employment
4031ARComplaints Concerning Discrimination In Employment
4040BPCode of Conduct/Conflict of Interest
4040 ECode of Conduct/Conflict of Interest
4100BPCertificated Personnel
4111BPRecruitment And Selection
4111.1BPFair And Equal Opportunity In Employment
4111.1ARFair And Equal Opportunity In Employment
4111.2BPLegal Status Requirement
4111.2ARLegal Status Requirement
4112ARAppointment And Conditions Of Employment
4112.2 ECertification
4112.21BPTeacher Interns
4112.21ARTeacher Interns
4112.22BPStaff for Limited-English Profeciency Programs
4112.22ARStaff Teaching Students Of Limited English Proficiency
4112.3AROath Of Affirmation
4112.3 EOath Of Affirmation
4112.4BPHealth Examinations
4112.42BPDrug And Alcohol Testing For District Drivers
4112.42ARDrug And Alcohol Testing For District Drivers
4112.5ARApplicants For Employment
4112.6BPPersonnel Records
4112.6ARPersonnel Records
4112.61BPEmployment References
4112.61AREmployment References
4112.61 EEmployment References
4112.62ARMaintenance Of Criminal Offender Records
4112.62 EMaintenance Of Criminal Offender Records
4112.8BPNepotism: Employment Of Relatives
4112.8ARNepotism: Employment Of Relatives
4112.9BPSigned Statements
4112.91BPEmployee Notifications
4113.4BPTemporary Modified/Alternative Duty Program
4113.4ARTemporary Modified/Alternative Duty Program
4115BPEvaluation Supervision
4116BPProbationary/Permanent Status
4117.13BPEarly Retirement Option
4117.3BPPersonnel Reduction
4117.3ARPersonnel Reduction
4117.5ARPersonnel Termination Agreements
4118BPSuspension/Disciplinary Action
4118ARSuspension/Disciplinary Action
4119.1BPCivil and Legal Rights
4119.11BPSexual Harrasment
4119.11ARSexual Harrasment
4119.21BPProfessional Standards
4119.21 ECode Of Ethics
4119.23BPUnauthorized Release Of Confidential Privileged Information
4119.25BPPolitical Activities Of Employees
4119.25ARPolitical Activities Of Employees
4119.41BPEmployees With Infectious Disease
4119.42BPInfectious Disease Education
4119.43BPBloodborne Pathogens
4119.43ARBloodborne Pathogens
4120BPTemporary and Part-Time Personnel
4121BPSubstitute Teachers
4121ARTemporary/Substitute Personnel
4122BPStudent Teachers/University Interns
4122ARStudent Teachers/University Interns
4126BPConsultants/Independent Contractors
4126ARConsultants/Independent Contractors
4127BPTemporary Athletic Team Coaches
4127ARTemporary Athletic Team Coaches
4131BPStaff Development
4131.6BPProfessional Development Program
4131.6ARProfessional Development Program
4132BPPublication or Creation of Materials
4132ARPublication or Creation of Materials
4133BPTravel Request
4133ARTravel Request
4133.1BPTravel Reimbursement
4133.1ARTravel Reimbursement
4133.1 ETravel Reimbursement
4135BPSoliciting and Selling
4141.6BPConcerted Action Work Stoppage
4141.6ARConcerted Action Work Stoppage
4143.1BPPublic Notice Personnel Negotiations
4143.1ARPublic Notice Personnel Negotiations
4151BPEmployee Compensation
4153ARAdditional Compensation Paid to Employees Performing Training for other Agencies or School Districts
4153.1ARAdditional Compensation Paid To Eligible Employee Completing Professional Learning Column Courses Provided By The District’s Professional Learning Department
4154BPHealth and Welfare Benefits
4156.3BPEmployee Property Reimbursement
4157BPSafety/Injury and Illness Prevention Program
4157ARSafety/Injury and Illness Prevention Program
4157.1BPWork-Related Injuries
4158BPEmployee Security
4158AREmployee Security
4159BPEmployee Assistance Programs
4161.1ARPersonal Illness Injury Leave
4161.11ARIndustrial Accident and Illness Leave
4161.8BPFamily Care and Medical Leave
4161.8ARFamily Care and Medical Leave
4161.8 EFamily Care and Medical Leave
4161.9BPCatastrophic Leave Program
4200BPClassified Personnel
4211BPRecruitment and Selection
4211.1BPAffirmative Action
4211.1ARAffirmative Action
4211.2BPLegal Status Requirement
4211.2ARLegal Status Requirement
4212BPAppointment and Conditions of Employment
4212ARAppointment and Conditions of Employment
4212.22BPStaff for Limited-English Proficiency Programs
4212.22ARStaff Teaching Students of Limited English Proficiency
4212.3AROath or Affirmation
4212.3 EOath or Affirmation
4212.4BPHealth Examinations
4212.42BPDrug and Alcohol Testing For District (Class A/B) Drivers
4212.42ARDrug And Alcohol Testing For District (Class A/B) Drivers
4212.5ARCriminal Record Check
4212.61BPEmployment References
4212.61AREmployment References
4212.61 EEmployment References
4212.62ARMaintenance of Criminal Offender Records
4212.8BPNepotism: Employment of Relatives
4212.9BPSigned Statements
4212.91BPEmployee Notifications
4215ARProbation and Evaluation
4216BPProbationary/Permanent Status
4217.3BPLayoff Rehire
4217.3ARLayoff Rehire
4217.5BPTermination Agreements
4217.5ARPersonnel Termination Agreements
4218BPDismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action
4218ARDismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action
4219.1BPCivil and Legal Rights
4219.11BPSexual Harrasment
4219.11ARSexual Harrasment
4219.21BPCode of Ethics
4219.23BPUnauthorized Release of Confidential Privileged Information
4219.25BPPolitical Activities of Employees
4219.25ARPolitical Activities of Employees
4219.41BPEmployees with Infectious Disease
4219.42BPInfectious Disease Education
4219.43BPBloodborne Pathogens
4219.43ARBloodborne Pathogens
4222BPTeacher Aides/Paraprofessionals
4222ARTeacher Aides/Paraprofessionals
4222 ETeacher Aides/Paraprofessionals
4226BPConsultant/Independent Contractors
4226ARConsultant/Independent Contractors
4227BPTemporary Athletic Team Coaches
4227ARTemporary Athletic Team Coaches
4231.6BPProfessional Development Program
4231.6ARProfessional Development Program
4232BPPublication or Creation of Materials
4232ARPublication or Creation of Materials
4233BPTravel Request
4233ARTravel Request
4233.1BPTravel Reimbursement
4233.1ARTravel Reimbursement
4233.1 ETravel Reimbursement
4235BPSoliciting and Selling
4241.6BPConcerted Action/Work Stoppage
4241.6ARConcerted Action/Work Stoppage
4243.1BPPublic Notice - Personnel Negotiations
4243.1ARPublic Notice - Personnel Negotiations
4253BPOvertime Pay Compensatory Time Off
4253ARAdditional Compensation Paid to Employees Performing Training for Other Agencies or School Districts
4253AROvertime Pay Compensatory Time Off
4254BPHealth and Welfare Benefits
4256.3BPEmployee Property Reimbursement
4257BPSafety/Injury and Illness Prevention Program
4257ARSafety/Injury and Illness Prevention Program
4258BPEmployee Security
4258AREmployee Security
4259BPEmployee Assistance Programs
4261.1BPPersonal Illness and Injury Leave
4261.1ARPersonal Illness and Injury Leave
4261.8BPFamily Care and Medical Leave
4261.8ARFamily Care and Medical Leave
4261.8 EFamily Care and Medical Leave
4261.9BPCatastrophic Leave Program
4300BPManagement, Supervisory and Confidential Personnel
4300ARManagement, Supervisory and Confidential Personnel
4311BPRecruitment and Selection
4311.1BPAffirmative Action
4311.1ARAffirmative Action
4311.2BPLegal Status Requirement
4311.2ARLegal Status Requirement
4312.3AROath or Affirmation
4312.3 EOath or Affirmation
4312.4BPHealth Examinations
4312.42BPDrug and Alcohol Testing for District (Class A B) Drivers
4312.42ARDrug and Alcohol Testing for District (Class A B) Drivers
4312.5ARApplicants for Employement
4312.61BPEmployment References
4312.61AREmployment References
4312.61 EEmployment References
4312.62ARMaintenance of Criminal Offender Records
4312.8BPNepotism: Employment of Relatives
4312.9BPSigned Statements
4312.91BPEmployee Notifications
4315.1BPAdministrative Competence In Evaluation
4315.1ARAdministrative Competence In Evaluation
4317.13BPEarly Retirement Option
4317.3BPPersonnel Reduction (Layoff/Rehire)
4317.3ARPersonnel Reduction (Layoff/Rehire)
4317.5BPTermination Agreements
4317.5ARPersonnel Termination Agreements
4319.1BPCivil and Legal Rights
4319.11BPSexual Harrasment
4319.11ARSexual Harrasment
4319.21BPCode of Ethics
4319.23BPUnauthorized Release of Confidential Privileged Information
4319.25BPPolitical Activities of Employees
4319.25ARPolitical Activities of Employees
4319.41BPEmployee with Infectious Disease
4319.42BPInfectious Desease Education
4319.43BPBloodborne Pathogens
4319.43ARBloodborne Pathogens
4326BPConsultant/Independent Contractors
4326ARConsultant/Independent Contractors
4327BPTemporary Athletic Team Coaches
4327ARTemporary Athletic Team Coaches
4331BPStaff Development
4331.1 ETravel Reimbursement
4331.6BPProfessional Development Program
4331.6ARProfessional Development Program
4332BPPublication or Creation of Materials
4332ARPublication or Creation of Materials
4333BPTravel Request
4333ARTravel Request
4333.1BPTravel Reimbursement
4333.1ARTravel Reimbursement
4333.1 ETravel Reimbursement
4335BPSoliciting and Selling
4351BPSalary Schedules
4351ARSalary Schedules
4353ARAdditional Compensation Paid to Employees Performing Training for Other Agencies or School Districts
4354BPHealth and Welfare Benefits
4356.3BPEmployee Property Reimbursement
4357BPSafety/Injury and Illness Prevention Program
4357ARSafety/Injury and Illness Prevention Program
4358BPEmployee Security
4358AREmployee Security
4359BPEmployee Assistance Programs
4361.1ARPersonal Illness Injury Leave
4361.11ARIndustrial Accident and Illness Leave
4361.8BPFamily Care and Medical Leave
4361.8ARFamily Care and Medical Leave
4361.8 EFamily Care and Medical Leave
4361.9BPCatastrophic Leave Program
4362BPVacation Holidays
4362ARVacation Holidays
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