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1000 Community Relations

 1000 Community Relations

Policy NumberTypeTitle
1000BPConcepts and Roles in Community Relations
1000ARConcepts and Roles in Community Relations
1100BPCommunication with the Public
1100ARCommunication with the Public
1112BPMedia Relations
1113BPImage Management (Logos)
1120BPGoverning Board Meetings
1120.1BPTobacco-Free Schools
1120.1ARTobacco-Free Schools
1130BPResponsibility of School Personnel
1150BPGoverning Board Commendation Program
1150ARGoverning Board Commendation Program
1160BPPolitical Processes
1220BPCitizen Advisory Committees
1230BPSchool-Connected Organizations
1240BPVolunteer Assistance
1240ARVolunteer Assistance
1240 EVolunteer Assistance
1260BPParent/Guardian Involvement
1265BPCivility Policy
1265ARCivility Policy
1265 ECivility Policy
1312BPComplaints Concerning the Schools
1312.1BPComplaints Concerning District Employees
1312.1ARComplaints Concerning School Personnel
1312.1 EComplaints Against District Employees
1312.2BPComplaints Concerning Instructional Materials
1312.2ARComplaints Concerning Instructional Materials
1312.3BPUniform Complaint Procedures
1312.3ARUniform Complaint Procedures
1312.3 EUniform Complaint Procedures
1312.4ARWilliams Uniform Complaint Procedures
1312.4 EWilliams Uniform Complaint Procedures
1313BPGifts to School Personnel
1321BPSolicitation Of Funds From And By Students
1321ARSolicitation Of Funds From And By Students
1322BPPublic Performances by Students
1322ARPublic Performances by Students
1325BPAdvertising And Promotion
1325ARAdvertising And Promotion
1330BPUse Of School Facilities
1330ARUse Of School Facilities
1340BPAccess To District Records
1400BPRelations Between Other Governmental Agencies And The Schools
1410BPLocal Agencies
1410ARLocal Agencies
1700BPRelations Between Private Industry and the Schools
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