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Dress Code

​​Overall Dress

  • ​​Clothes may not be predominately RED. No Solid red or maroon garments allowed under another garment. No Red/maroon Shoe laces allowed.
  • No College or Professional Sports Clothes or accessories (lanyards, backpacks). The ONLY team clothing that may be worn is that which promotes Tehipite Middle School.
  • No torn or frayed pants above the knee, shorts or radically altered clothing that exposes the skin above the knee. Leggings may be worn under torn or frayed pants.
  • Tank top straps must be at least 2" wide. You may not wear two tank tops to make 2" wide. No Bare midriff shirts. No spaghetti strap shirts. No razor back shirts.
  • No see through clothing or exposed under garment.
  • Shorts and Skirts must be to the fingertip of the student wearing them.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. No flip/flop style shoes. All shoes must have a back strap. No house slippers.


  • No Grooming in class – get ready at home (hair, make-up, braids, etc.).
  • Hairstyles that draw attention to the wearer or detract from the educational process may not be worn
  • No Mohawks are allowed. Mohawks are considered shaved sides with hair that extends past the top of the head 1inch from the front of the head to the back.
  • Spiked hair may not be from forehead to neck.
  • Multi-colored or unnatural hair colorations (green, blue, bright red etc.) are not allowed.
  • No eccentric Razor Cuts, No eccentric Clipper cuts in hair are allowed.

 Hats/Headgear/ Accessories

  • Only Tehipite Middle School Hats and non-sport team hats are allowed.
  • No hairnets, headbands, bandanas or do-rags of any color are allowed.
  • No predominately Red or maroon on backpacks, book bags, binders, shoes, shoestrings, belts, hair accessories, lanyards, jewelry, etc...
  • No attire that may be used as a weapon, such as spiked shoes or chains over 4", is allowed.
  • Jewelry or any object, which pierces the skin other than the ears, is not allowed.
  • NO facial piercing allowed. This includes: lip, nose, eyebrows, tongue, or cheek. Piercings may NOT be covered with a band-aide.

 Enforcement: All staff will enforce the dress code. Consequences of Dress Violation:

  • First Time: Student will be required to change clothing. Clothing will be confiscated and parent will be notified. Student will be allowed to pick clothing up after school.
  • Each incident after the 1st: Student will be required to change clothing. Clothing will be confiscated and parent will be notified to pick up.

EXCEPTIONS may be made by the principal for special days or events.


Dress Code-Board Policy 5132​

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