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Scandinavian Middle School is a "place of learning."  We have an educational philosophy that all students have the right to learn and all teachers have the right to teach.  We strive to provide optimal learning opportunities for all students; therefore, students are expected to adhere to the following expectations which are a part of our Student Expectation Behavior Program:

1)   Be in class on time, prepared to learn.
2)   Follow directions when given.
3)   Be courteous and wait your turn to talk.
4)   Use appropriate voice level and language at all times.
5)   Respect the rights and properties of others, allowing teachers to teach and students to learn.
6)   Follow the FUSD Dress and Grooming Policy.

Teachers and staff will reinforce positive behavior and students will be rewarded for good citizenship monthly and quarterly.  Students who do not honor the Scandinavian Student Expectations will be dealt with in a fair and timely manner with the following behavior procedures and consequences:

Level 1                        Mild Behavior Infraction
1)         Teacher uses corrective responses to assist child with behavior in class.
2)         Parent contact and intervention/consequence given by teacher.

Level 2                        Moderate Behavior Infraction
1)         Teacher uses repeated response techniques to correct student behavior in class.
2)         Documentation referral sent to administration.  Consequence/intervention plan developed within a timely manner (24 hours).
3)         Parent contact.
4)         Possible referral to Response to Intervention Team (RTI).

Level 3            Severe Behavior Infraction (Illegal behavior, physically dangerous, overt defiance)
1)         Immediate referral to administration.
2)         Administrative consequences given

The goal of the Scandinavian Behavior Program is to provide a positive behavior support system with proactive and positive strategies to develop student character, responsibility, and academic success.


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