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Dress Code

We understand students and parents freely choose a style of dress that reflects the student's individuality. We also believe there are standards of appropriateness in dress and grooming that contribute to the educational process. The goal of McLane High School's dress code is to provide guidelines for appropriate dress, which will prepare students for the work place or an institution of higher learning. The following dress code applies to all students and will be enforced at the school and at school functions. 

All clothing must be neat, acceptable in appearance, and worn as traditionally intended. 


  • Tops must completely cover midriff.
  • Tank top straps must be at least 1½ inches wide.
  • Tops must cover Bra strap at all times.

    Pants, Shorts and Dresses:
  • Pants/shorts must fit at the waist, hips, crotch and thighs.
  • Belts must be tucked into the pant loops.
  • Dresses skirts, and shorts must be at least mid-thigh length; bottom of shorts and skirts must be                        no more than 5" above the knee.
  • Pants must fit appropriately and worn at the waist.
  • Pants and shorts must not have any holes or tears that expose the skin.
  • Ear buds, headphones are not to be worn in ears or around the neck.
  • Only McLane ball caps are allowed.
  • Sunglasses may only be worn outside.
  • Hoods must be removed indoors.
  • Non-McLane ball caps are not to be visible at any time; hats hanging from belt or backpack will be confiscated.

     The following are not permitted:
  • Gang related colors, styles, symbols, or insignias (e.g. Solid red shirts, bulldogs, numbers 13 and 14).
  • Sagging or oversized clothing.
  • Clothing with sexually suggestive expressions/double meaning, profanity, or obscenity.
  • Clothing with drug, alcohol, or tobacco references in any language.
  • Clothing which degrades the integrity of an individual or group.
  • Visible undershirts, tube tops or halter-tops, or visible Bandeau tops.
  • Radically altered or excessively tattered clothing.
  • See-through or other clothing which exposes the body inappropriately.
  • Hairnets, bandanas or du rags.
  • Pajama tops, bottoms and slippers.
  • Holes or tears in pants that expose the skin, holes in pants that are larger than 3 inches in diameter with or without tights.
  • Attire that could be used as a weapon (e.g. Steel toe boots, chains, items with spikes).
  • Short-Shorts (e.g. shorts that are more than 5 inches from knee to hem).
  • Bodily modifications (including tattoos) that draw undue attention to the wearer.

    In addition, any apparel, hair style, cosmetics or jewelry, which staff determines to distract from the educational process, is not acceptable. 

     To preserve the integrity of a safe and orderly campus climate, the Principal reserves the right to make alterations and additions to the dress code, which may include the banning of articles of clothing, accessories and/or colors.

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