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Staff Directory

Staff Directory


​Name​Room​Email Address
​Principal​Erica Piedra​
​Office Manager​Mee Yang​
​Office Asst.​Sonia Raya​
​School Nurse​Jeffrey Beck
School Nurse
​Sherri Sims


​Resource Teacher​Stephanie Friedrich​
​School Psychologist​Dr. Kaitlin Hendrichs​
​Restorative Practices Counselor​Erika Perez
​Resource Counselor​Zam Vang​
​Home School Liaison​Gloria Drake​
​Plant Coordinator​Thai Yang​
​Library Tech​Theresa Lancaster
​Speech Therapist​Sylvia Fike​Media
​Preschool​Vanessa Garcia​
​RSP TeacherErica Hernandez​​Media
SDC 1-3 ​Michele Aden​Room
​SDC 4-6​Robin Dooley​Room 25

​TK​Agustina Zuniga​Room
TK - ​Dual Immersion​Maria Trujillo​Room
Kindergarten - ​Dual Immersion​Maria Garcia​
​Kindergarten - ​Dual Immersion​Leticia Chavez​


​Gina Raufman​
​Kindergarten​Tiffani Billings​
​Kindergarten​Claudia Diaz​Room
​1st Grade​Miguel Sotelo​Room
​1st Grade​Alicia Tyra​Room
​1st Grade - Dual Immersion​Socorro Sanchez​Room
​​1st Grade - Dual Immersion​Dolores Hernandez​Room
​!st Combination​Jenny Bolton​Room
2nd GradeMaiKou Moua
2nd Grade​Patricia Enns
​2nd Grade​Cindy Piper​Room
​2nd Grade - Dual Immersion​Elizabeth Macedo​Room
​​2nd Grade - Dual Immersion​Florence Mira-Menees​Room
​3rd Grade - Dual Immersion​Ivette Jauregui
​3rd Grade - Dual Immersion​Cristina Cisneros-Lopez
​Room 27​
​3rd Grade​Marta McConnell​Room
​3rd Grade​Lisa Stewart​Room
​3rd Grade​Rachel Anderson​Room
​4th Grade - Dual Immersion​Imelda Carrillo
​Room 20
​4th/5th - Dual Immersion​Ricardo Arias​Room
4th GradeRussell Allsman
​4th Grade​Placido Torres​Room 24​
​5th Grade​Anita Wainscott​Room 35
​5th Grade​Mai Sia XiongRoom
​5th Grade Dual ImmersionMartha Soto
​6th GradeChristian Maldonado​​Room
​6th Grade​Latda Ortega​Room 30
6th Grade​​Shannon Rodriques​Room
​6th Grade - Dual Immersion
​Rossana Iraheta​Room 31

​6th Grade-Dual Immersion
​Yuliana Ceballos
​Room 19

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