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Clear Absences

Contact the appropriate attendance secretary depending if your last name begins with an A-L or M-Z.​

Last Name (A-L)   *   Cecilia Patrick  *   Attendance Records Secretary   *​   *   (559) 457-2797
Last Name (M-Z)   *   Jan Stewart  *   Attendance Records Secretary   *​   *   (559) 457-2898

Lucia Lozano  *   Attendance Records Assistant   *​   *   (559) 457-2795


​​Please check ATLAS regularly and clear all absences in a timely fashion to ensure that attendance is always as accurate as possible.

What reasons are considered appropriate for excused absence from school?

  • Personal illness
  • Head Lice (a student will be excused a maximum of three (3) consecutive days for head lice.)
  • Quarantine under the direction of a county or city health officer
  • Medical, dental, optometrical, or chiropractic appointments
  • Attendance at funeral services for a member of the immediate family. i.e. mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, spouse, son/son-in-law, daughter/daughter-in-law, brother, sister or any relative living in the student's immediate household. (Excused absence in this instance shall be limited to one (1) day if the service is conducted in California or three (3) days if the service is conducted out of state.)
  • Jury duty
  • The illness or medical appointment during school hours of a child to whom the student is the custodial parent.

Upon advance written request by the parent/guardian and the approval of the Principal or designee, justifiable personal reasons including but not limited to:

    • Appearance in court
    • Observance of a holiday or ceremony of his/her religion
    • Attendance at religious retreats for no more than four (4) hours per semester.
    • Employment conference or interview.
    • Attendance at a funeral service for a person other than a member of the student's immediate family.
    • Service as a member of a precinct board for an election pursuant to Elections Code 12302.
    • Participation in religious instruction or exercises in accordance with District policy. 
      In these circumstances:
        • The student shall attend at least the minimum school day. (E.C. 46014) and/ or
        • The student shall be excused for this purpose on no more than four (4) school days per month. (E.C. 46014)

    Consequences for Absences

    Attendance Contract - Excessive class cuts may result in the student being placed on an

    Attendance Contract.  If the student does not abide by the contract, the student may be referred to an alternative education program.

    SARB - Students who establish a pattern of excessive absenteeism will be referred to the

    Student Attendance Review Board. The Fresno County District Attorney's Office will continue to be involved with parents of students who are truant and fail to meet the attendance requirements of the State of California. EDUCATION CODE SECTIONS 48291 AND 48293 PROVIDE THAT PARENTS OR GUARDIANS WHO FAIL TO SEND THEIR CHILDREN TO SCHOOL SHALL BE SUBJECT TO CRIMINAL COMPLAINT AND, UPON CONVICTION, PAYMENT OF A FINE.

    Failure due to Attendance - A total of seven unexcused absences in a high school class may

    result in the student receiving an "FA" attendance grade and no credit for the class for the duration of the semester. This is a Board of Education policy.



    Starting in 2012, Fresno Unified District implemented a computerized intervention program called A2A (Attention to Attendance). The system sends out automatic letters

    Unexcused DaysLetter TitleParent Action Required
    At 3+ unexcused daysFirst Notification of Truancy Follow instructions in letter
    At 6+ unexcused daysSecond Notification of Truancy Following instruction in letter and attend an A2A meeting.
    At 9+ unexcused daysThird Notification of Truancy Letter, Habitual Truant ClassificationFollow instructions in letter
    At 7+ excused daysFirst Excessive Excused Letter Follow instructions in letter
    At 14+ excused daysSecond Excessive Excused LetterFollow instructions in letter


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