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Roosevelt High School

Opportunities to shine. Roosevelt is the district’s third oldest high school, steeped in rich tradition and a legacy that continues to thrive today. Student support is a key ingredient to success. Encouragement comes from teachers, staff, and parents, but also from community mentors, counselors, volunteers, and most importantly, students that share your same interests and goals, which contributes to making the high school experience memorable.

A historic campus filled with music wafting through the corridors. Teachers dedicated to helping you grow your talents. This is Roosevelt High School. Whether you have music, design, drama, or sports in your blood, you’ll find unlimited opportunities to shine at Roosevelt. Our goal is to help you succeed in academics, athletics and/or the program you choose to explore so you can become a well-rounded person who gets the most out of life.

Feeder Pattern

Feeder patterns are the elementary, K-8, and middle schools which feed into each high school. Any student attending a school on a transfer does not automatically move to the middle or high school without a new transfer.

The feeder pattern for Roosevelt High School:

Pathways & Programs at Roosevelt High

Public Service: a NEW Linked Learning pathway providing students an introduction to Public Safety careers and experiences preparing students to serve and protect our community.

Business Marketing Academy: a partnership with the IRS preparing students academically and vocationally for success in college and careers in a selected field.

Careers in Education: a CTE program for students interested in working in the field of education, offering real-world educational opportunities for students to learn through meaningful work-based experiences.

Health Pathways in Medicine: two Linked Learning pathways providing students with opportunities to gain knowledge and experience in patient care and sports medicine with the help of industry partner Community Regional Medical Center.

Roosevelt Student with a large camera

Roosevelt School of the Arts: a magnet arts program where students come from all over the valley for the opportunity to receive in-depth specialized training in performing arts (dance, drama, vocal and instrumental music), visual arts (drawing, ceramics, fashion and design) and digital communication arts (animation, multimedia, graphic arts, video and production) from professionals in the field.

Magnet Schools in the Region

Yokomi K-6 Science and Technology. Yokomi Elementary Magnet features classrooms with state-of-the-art technology. The school is equipped with interactive white boards, digital projectors, integrated sound systems, computers, and tablets for use by teachers and students. Laptop computers and tablets are accessible to students throughout the school, with students using computers on a regular basis as a learning tool. Science instruction occurs daily at the school and is designed to build students’ literacy skills while enhancing their knowledge of investigation techniques and problem-solving. It is the only Magnet Elementary School with a science focus that houses dedicated science classrooms equipped specifically for elementary students to experience hands-on science instruction in addition to the regular elementary curriculum.

Yokomi student on a computer

Roosevelt 9-12 School of the Arts. Roosevelt School of the Arts is a magnet school in the Fresno Unified School District that provides students with in-depth and intense training and experience in performing, visual, and media arts, while also offering a rigorous academic program. The curriculum of Roosevelt School of the Arts is unique in that it involves course work and experiences in the arts that are not available at other area high schools. Many Roosevelt alumni have gone on to successful careers on Broadway, and in the film, television and recording industries, due in part, to their experience at Roosevelt School of the Arts.


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