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Pride. That’s the feeling you get as you walk the campus of Edison High School. Pride in yourself, pride in your fellow students, and pride in your community. You know that you are at one of the top schools in the entire Central Valley–unmatched in academics and athletics–and that the opportunities to achieve are limitless.

Edison High is one of the top academic schools in the Central Valley. Our students know that they will be challenged academically and pushed a little harder to succeed. We offer a wide array of Advanced Placement courses, including courses offered at no other Fresno Unified schools, including: AP Computer Science, AP Studio Art, AP Microeconomics, AP Music Theory and AP Physics C: Mechanics.

Feeder Pattern

Feeder patterns are the elementary, K-8, and middle schools which feed into each high school. Any student attending a school on a transfer does not automatically move to the middle or high school without a new transfer.

The feeder pattern for Edison High School:

Pathways & Programs at Edison High

Biomedical Sciences and Technology: a Linked Learning pathway nationally recognized program in STEM education that will broaden the students’ understanding of the careers and collegiate majors associated with the medical field.

Engineering Design and Development: a Linked Learning pathway that emphasizes project-based learning through hands-on courses in CADD (Computer Aided Drafting and Design). Electronics, Robotics, and Manufacturing.

Computer Science Program: Students within a 4-year sequence of courses will learn the fundamentals of coding, digital literacies, algorithms, software development, and application design.

Green Energy and Technology Academy: a California Partnership Academy with the support of PG&E, students will gain skills and knowledge in the growing Energy and Utilities Industry with unparalleled access to industry mentors, internships, and support.

Admissions Criteria Schools

Computech Student

Computech 7-8. Located in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley, is a science/technology/engineering/mathematics (STEM) magnet school that attracts students from throughout Fresno Unified School District.  Computech’s rigorous, standards-based curriculum helps prepare students for high school and beyond and is supported by our practice of learning by doing, in which we focus on providing authentic, real-life, integrated learning experiences for our students. Project-based learning activities across the curriculum enable students to develop 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, research, communication, technology skills, and collaboration. Students are encouraged to explore higher levels of creativity and intellectual achievement, while acquiring a firm foundation in the academic and social skills necessary for success in life.

Edison Computech 9-12. Edison High School is a diverse campus that offers a wide variety of rigorous courses, STEM pathways, highly competitive academic and athletic teams, an awarding winning Marching Band and Concert Band, and a large array of clubs.  Students at Edison High School have access to over 23 Advanced Placement courses.  Our four STEM pathways are Biomedicine, Computer Programming and Application, Engineering, and Green Energy and Technology.  All students attending Edison are enrolled in four years of math and science.  The school motto captures the essence of the culture which is One Tiger, Many Stripes.  Our school works collectively to come together to develop our community and to celebrate both our similarities and differences.

Dual Immersion Program

Sunset Elementary School

The ability to speak, read, and write in both English and Spanish! Two-Way Spanish Immersion program fosters bilingualism, biliteracy, enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity, and develops strong cognitive, social, and emotional identity. Two-Way Spanish Immersion is a challenging academic program, which offers students the exciting opportunity of being bilingual and bi-literate and becoming academically successful in both English and Spanish. The Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Program brings together students from English and Spanish language backgrounds to learn academic content through instruction in both languages. All students are provided with a standards based curriculum that is focused on bilingual and bi-literate academic achievement.

To achieve the goal of bilingual literacy, long term parental commitment is necessary to ensure that students remain in the program from Preschool through Sixth grade.

Two-Way Dual Immersion Spanish/English with sibling preference. Admittance in grades Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten is based upon a randomized lottery. Admittance in grades 1st through 6th, requires space availability and successfully passing a Language Assessment Exam.


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