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Bullard High School

A tradition of excellence. There is something for everybody including college-level Advanced Placement courses, championship athletic teams, award-winning music programs, multiple career pathways, and high-interest clubs. Come experience the talented teachers, spirited students, and exceptional environment at Bullard High School.  

Feeder Pattern

Feeder patterns are the elementary, K-8, and middle schools which feed into each high school. Any student attending a school on a transfer does not automatically move to the middle or high school without a new transfer.

The feeder pattern for Bullard High School:

Pathways & Programs at Bullard High School

Biomedicine: A Linked Learning pathway that helps build students’ knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Students will study public health to create a community change. Students will participate in direct and hands-on instruction, as well as real world experiences and presentations by professionals.

Business Marketing & Technology: A Linked Learning pathway where students will learn about business administration, marketing and entrepreneurship. Experiences include real-world, hands-on opportunities as well as developing the skills necessary to manage/ create their own business.

Law & Social Justice: A Linked Learning pathway where students will learn about criminal and civil law, forensic research, and concepts of equity and justice. Students will have the opportunity to participate in real-world experiences and hear from professionals within the legal field.

Dual Immersion Program

Wawona K-8 School

The ability to speak, read, and write in both English and Spanish! Two-Way Spanish Immersion program fosters bilingualism, biliteracy, enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity, and develops strong cognitive, social, and emotional identity. Two-Way Spanish Immersion is a challenging academic program, which offers students the exciting opportunity of being bilingual and bi-literate and becoming academically successful in both English and Spanish. The Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Program brings together students from English and Spanish language backgrounds to learn academic content through instruction in both languages. All students are provided with a standards based curriculum that is focused on bilingual and bi-literate academic achievement.

To achieve the goal of bilingual literacy, long term parental commitment is necessary to ensure that students remain in the program from Preschool through Sixth grade.

Two-Way Dual Immersion Spanish/English with sibling preference. Admittance in grades Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten is based upon a randomized lottery. Admittance in grades 1st through 6th, requires space availability and successfully passing a Language Assessment Exam.


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