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Fresno Unified School District | Office of Communications | 2309 Tulare Street, Fresno, CA 93721 | (559) 457-3733

What:   Private LTE towers at schools will improve digital connectivity for students

When:  Friday, Nov. 5, 2021, 11 a.m.

Where: Gaston Middle School, 1100 E. Church Ave., Fresno, CA 93706

Superintendent Nelson, Board Trustees, and partners from Nokia and Netsync will launch the district’s private LTE network, Connect2Learn. The District has made huge strides to combat issues of digital connectivity that were only made more apparent during distance learning through the pandemic.

To combat this digital divide, Fresno Unified is deploying a private LTE service to students across Southwest and Southeast Fresno where access and quality of connectivity has lacked. Towers have been installed on 15 schools, including Gaston Middle School. The towers will support up to 10,000 users in the neighborhoods around 25 schools. Only students with district-issued hotspots will be able to access the internet connection and the district is in the process of deploying the Connect2Learn hotspots to students now.

Fresno Unified used Nokia cell equipment and benefit from their radio frequency expertise and NetSync, a firm committed to the education market, completed the implementation.

“We know that many students lack the internet connection to complete their homework or work on projects when they are at home. With our partners on this LTE project, we will be providing a huge boost to our students and reducing the digital divide,” said Superintendent Bob Nelson. 

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