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Behavioral Intervention


​Dr. Terri M. Pieretti
Manager of Behavioral Intervention

1350 M Street, Building A
Fresno, CA 93721
Phone: 559-457-6056
Fax: 559-457-3375


Corina Lozano, Assistant
Phone: 559-457-6057

Interagency Child Empowerment Team (ICET)

The Interagency Child Empowerment Team (tier 2-3 interventions) provides a multi-agency comprehensive review of elementary students who may eventually be referred for expulsion. The main purpose of ICET is to assist in providing interventions to the student and their family so that the student can be successful at school. ICET consists of representatives from Fresno Unified School District, Fresno County Children's Behavioral and Mental Health, Fresno County Department of Social Services and Child Welfare Services Fresno County Probation, Fresno Police Department and other support agencies and staff as appropriate.

Safety and Administrative School Transfers

A parent/guardian may apply to the Behavior Office for a safety or administrative Transfer to attend any school depending on the condition indicated in the request. Requests may be completed at the Behavioral office.

Fresno County Children's Movement Design Team Member

Our Vision - A Community where children are the highest priority.

Our Mission - To inform and support individuals and business, community and government leaders in Fresno County to make the well-being and education of children a priority in every decision.

Our Guiding Principles - The Children's Movement of Fresno believes that the well-being and education of our children in Fresno County must be the highest priority of government, business, non-profit institutions and families. The economic future of our county and the stability of the communities we live in depend on achieving this goal.

Fresno County Youth Court Oversight

A diversion program for students attending area high schools who are first-time offenders and who have agreed not to challenge law enforcement charges for misdemeanors such as petty theft, simple battery, and graffiti.


"Youth Court positively impacts the school by allowing the guilty party to gain an understanding of how peers feel and understand how others are impacted by wrong doings."


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