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2/3 Student Voice Survey​

4/5 Student Voice Survey

​Introductory Activities​Appendix

Unit Schedule

Unit Feedback Survey

Unit Schedules
Learning About Myself
My Likes and Dislikes
Interview a Family or Friend
Extra Activities

​What is Engineering?

Careers in Engineering

Cool Engineering Projects

History of Innovation

Extra Activities

Computer Science

Unit Schedule

Unit Feedback Survey


Unit Schedule

Unit Feedback Survey

Biomedical Technology

Unit Schedule

Unit Feedback Survey

Computer and Technology Jobs

What is Programming?

What are For Loops?

What are Algorithms?

Coding with Scratch

Coding with Scratch Activity Cards
Scratch Activity PowerPoints




Careers in Education

Inquiry Lesson on Learning Diabilities and Disorders

Learning with Disabilities and Disorders

Acting as an AC Team: Lesson Study - PE Activity

Reading Buddies

Health and Medical Careers

Eye Activities

Diagnosing an X-Ray

Mr. Bones

Germs Away Unit

Inquiry Lesson on Disorders

Make a Prosthetic Leg

Extra Activities

Science Game Center

Cool Science Careers

Medical Mystery Simulation Games

Reconstructors: Medical Investigation Simulation Games

Virtual Clinical Trials


​ ​





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