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Recent Board Member Complaints On Behalf of the Fresno Unified School District Board of Education:

The Fresno Unified School District has received two complaints filed by local pastors against Trustee Major Slatic. These complaints involve an off-campus meeting between the three individuals where Trustee Major Slatic is alleged to have swore at and insulted one of the pastors (see attached).

The District has investigated the complaints consistent with Board Bylaw 9323.3 and found that Trustee Major Slatic engaged in conduct that could be described as “abusive,” “disrespectful,” “personal,” and “attacking” in violation of Board Bylaw 9005 and the August 2019 Board Censure Resolution. Specifically, in the Censure Resolution Trustee Major Slatic was directed to “cease and desist from engaging in abusive and disrespectful treatment of District employees, students, fellow Trustees and members of the public.”

The Fresno Unified School District Board of Education recognizes the need to govern responsibly and to hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct. As such, the Board remains concerned with Trustee Major Slatic’s conduct that appears to violate the Board Bylaws and intends to take further action at the next regular meeting scheduled for August 12, 2020. In the meantime, Trustee Major Slatic must continue to comply with the provisions of the August 2019 Board Censure Resolution. He is prohibited from attending internal meetings unless authorized by the Board and he may not enter any school campus unless accompanied by a school site representative.

We as a Board understand our collective responsibility for building unity and creating a positive organization culture and do not tolerate conduct that is abusive or disrespectful to District employees, students, fellow Trustees, or the public.


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