Superintendent's Letter

Dear Friends,

As we move further into this new year, full of purpose and academic vision, it is only fitting that we springboard off of the success of 2015 and launch a campaign that will take our district to the next academic level. The “I Am Ready” (social media hashtag: #FresnoReady) citywide campaign encourages the entire community to work to elevate the district towards a 100% graduation rate. 

This initiative motivates every citizen in Fresno to be a part of the academic success of our nearly 74,000 students. The campaign comes on the heels of our strongest graduation rates in more than a decade.

Over the past few months, members of our Communications team have visited many of your school sites to gather stories from students and adults that exemplify commitment and dedication to reaching that graduation goal, with more stories still to be captured. Many will be featured in the Fresno Bee. This campaign will also be highlighted in our new monthly edition of Building Futures, and in posters in local Fresno businesses. Each school site will be provided with posters, flyers, and pertinent information on the campaign where it will be proudly displayed. Community-members are also encouraged to display the materials in prominent locations and join the buzz on social media.

In recent years, Fresno Unified graduated more than 80% of students on time, enrolled more than 5,000 of our high school students in Advanced Placement courses, and over 5,000 high school students in career technical education courses. Additionally, more than 85 percent of graduating seniors applied to an institution of higher learning. 

Nationally, the graduation rate for Hispanics was 76.3% during the 2013-2014 school year, but here in Fresno Unified, the graduation rate for our Hispanic students reached 77.6%. The district is also demonstrating stronger gains for African-American students. Nationally, the graduation rate for African-American students is 72.5%, but here in Fresno, it stands at 73.1%.  We are very proud of our overall 84% graduation rate, but we anticipate that percentage to climb with the release of the new numbers for our Hispanic students.

Great things are indeed happening here, but we will only be able to reach a 100% graduation rate with the support of the entire community. Below, you will find a collection of information and testimonials from students, teachers, parents, community members and others about what they’re doing to ensure that our students are college and career ready. Take a look at the heartwarming stories about some of the amazing things we are doing to reach that 100% graduation rate.

Thank you for your time and support in this tremendous effort. The late Pro Football Hall of Famer, Vince Lombardi, once stated, “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” He was right then and those words remain true. No deed is too small when it comes to helping our youth and only with everyone’s effort will we reach our goal. Are you ready?



Michael Hanson

Public Service Announcements


I Am Ready Posters 2016-17
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Are YOU Ready to Support Our Students?

There are a number of ways that everyone in our great city can support the more than 74,000 students we serve every day. There is no deed too small, no donation too insignificant to help our students reach their goals. Whether you donate your time or your money, it will be put to tremendous use and it will be greatly appreciated.

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