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School Choice Expo 2018

Fresno Unified will host the annual School Choice Expo to showcase all school choice options and high schools with career and technical education pathways. The event will take place at Duncan Polytechnical High School on Thursday, October 25 from 5 to 7 p.m.

The event is important for families with students looking for a different school option for the 2019-20 academic year. We invite you to join us at the annual School Choice Expo!

The Transfers Office will be at the event to answer questions and assist families with completing the transfer application.

Fresno Unified is committed to providing every family and every student with high-quality school choice options. To learn more about these unique opportunities and how to apply for a transfer for the 2019-20 school year, please contact the Transfers Office at 248.7538.  

The transfer application is due Monday, December 3.

Magnet Schools Admission Criteria Schools Dual Language Immersion Programs
High School  Pathways
1.      Yokomi Science TK-6
2.      Bullard Talent K-8
3.      Hamilton Global Studies TK-8
4.      Baird Agribusiness 5-8
5.      Ahwahnee Environmental Science 7-8
6.      Cooper International Baccalaureate (IB) Academy 6-8
7.      Design Science 9-12
8.      Duncan Polytechnical Applied Technology 9-12
9.      Duncan Polytechnical Medical 9-12
10.   Fresno High IB 9-12
11.   Roosevelt School of the Arts 9-12
12.   Patiño School of Entrepreneurship 9-12
1.      Manchester GATE 2-6
2.      Yokomi GATE 2-6
3.     Edison Computech 7-8
4.      Edison High Computech 9-12
1.      Ewing PreK-6
2.     Leavenworth PreK-6
3.      Sunset PreK-6
4.      Wawona PreK-2
5.      Yosemite 7-8
6.      McLane 9-12 
1. Bullard
·         Business, Marketing, and Technology
·         Biomedicine
·         Law and Social Justice

2. Duncan
·        Medical Academy of Science and Health
·        Innovative Design and Applied Technology Academy

3. Edison
·        Biomedical Sciences and Technology
·        Engineering Design and Development

4. Fresno
·        Innovative Design and Engineering
·         Marketing Academy

5. Hoover
·         Eco-Technology
·         Public Service
·         Media, Design, and Production

6. McLane
·        Educational Careers
·        Finance and Entrepreneurship
·        Medical and Education Research

7. Patino
·        Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology 

8. Roosevelt
·        Careers in Education
·        Health

9. Sunnyside
·         Agriscience and Technology
·         Health and Human Services
·         Multimedia & Marketing



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